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Originally Posted by thekunk07 View Post
still trumps mom hair, floral prints and leather pants, homie.
What pants are those (in the pic uncontrol posted)?
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drop crotch raf simons from s/s 08
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Originally Posted by impolyt_one View Post
As for what is to come next; I am probably good on leather jackets with the 3 styles, and i am planning on getting a small run of bags and some accessories out very soon. They obviously won't be MTM so they will be ready to order once I put them up and they'll be with you quickly. I'm kinda late on the back to school thing but I am so happy with my leather production and construction quality that I am gonna seize the moment and get some great leather bags out for what I think to be fair prices.

Any chance you can make leather wallets using those coloured lambskin leathers?
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Originally Posted by impolyt_one View Post
For the record, I am probably the only person in this thread who can pull off leather pants, and it still wouldn't be a good look for me. Can we stop talking about this? I am getting a lot of images here.

sorry bro i actually own leather pants, but i was kidding with the comment
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maaaaybe, depends on whether is requires a zipper, etc. I am REALLY picky about wallets as they're so small and I feel they need to exhibit like microscopic cleanliness and perfection, and that might be a whole new can of worms. My leather jackets have really detailed, fine stitching on the zipper pockets and stuff so I'm confident a bag will come out beautifully, but when I think of wallets, I've had a green LV Taiga billfold, a red Paul Smith ripoff taiga leather billfold, and the Dior Homme black tie billfod, and each has been crafted masterfully, and I'd feel embarassed to put out something lower in quality than those, mainly because I want to be able to wear and use everything I make, too. So we'll see on those, but I am likely to reject a lot of samples...
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If you're still working on bag designs, this is one of the nicest I've seen in a while. Not sure if it translates to washed lamb, but...
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edit that link homie, I want to see it
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If you take requests for bag design, I'd still love to get a M+ style bag like this:

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is it possible to choose colors on the knits at the hem and cuffs of the bomber?

I like a little contrast there.
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yeah, that would definitely be possible, I was thinking about putting a more russet colored trim on the brown bomber sample but decided against, but for orders, I have a rainbow of colors. denning: I'm not into the idea of copying trademark designs; generic classics are ok to steez out andmake into a TOJ piece, but TOJ is not BlackScissors, don't get us wrong.
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Can you do any pre-distressing? I am thinking something like this Cdiem:

Also, can you do custom colors for the lining?
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any chance for shearling?
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no, I really dislike pre-distressed stuff because it looks, well, pre-distressed. I have handwashed lamb that has qualities of distressing, without the outright deterioration of the leather itself, and lamb breaks in a lot faster than calf. You can get noticeable arm creasing in lamb within a day or two. If you study my fit pics, all the jackets have taken on very mild creasing in the arms in the 5 minutes I have worn them around. Cowhide takes something 5-10 years before it starts looking incredible, but it is worth it. Maybe two years of intense wearing would show results too, but the reason I hate predistress (like the C Diem above) is that just like faux whiskers on jeans, there is no dimension or personality, and it's too washed out and deteriorated. An honestly broken-in leather jacket will have great creasing in the arms and back (from sitting down) soft creasing around the collar bone, some creasing up the side seams as well, plus, there will be the nice contrast between the matte of the leather and the shine on high points like seam puckers and the calandering effect you get on rolled edges, cuffs, the sides and back (where it follows your body contours) and around high-use areas. Just say no to pre-distressed leathers.
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Originally Posted by ppllzz View Post
any chance for shearling?

I don't want to make a shearling piece, but I offer shearling on the collar of the Bomber if so desired. I'm going back and re-doing the brown with a brown shearling collar to demonstrate this at the moment, actually.

Shearling is super expensive btw, maybe double that of my lambskins, which are already really expensive for non-exotic skins.
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