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Originally Posted by aeglus View Post
Double rider looks like money. Added some colors I did a shitty photoshop with for the hell of it to make uncontrol die.

Would like to see the same for the Moto.
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Drew, that shit looks amazing. Great work, dude. I still want a Moto, but that double rider looks sick. I take it double zips are possible on the moto?
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Yes indeed sir. I'll probably just make that two-way zip the standard front zip for people who upgrade to that nice YKK set on either jacket. It matches teeth tones with the pocket zips, and the lower-grade YKK's are a slightly different finish, so it's one set or the other. Only got it in black though. Gonna hammer out a Lampo deal as it looks like my Riri deal went kinda flat and I didn't cover for all the new colors anyway. I like Lampo draht pulls anyway so it works out.
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Man, I don't even like the double rider style that much in general, but that thing looks amazing.

I'm not sure which of the jackets would look good on me personally, but I feel a burning need to have one.
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Dude, you'd look pretty badass in the double rider. Well, leather jackets in general...
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I already posted my suggestions at SuFu but I'd just like to point out for hyping purposes, my pulse is racing and my breathing is much, much quicker. (0) I'm with kunk. Black lamb.
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how much extra for a colored double biker?
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sorry for being dense but is the lamb washed?
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no, good question man. I offer it normal (has a mild satin-y sheen to it like normal smooth leather) or washed, which I do by hand at home, which takes the shine off of it. I am not a fan of commercial washes that skew and shrink the grament as they usually crease the whole thing out and make it look fairly cheap, this is becoming common on the local leather goods market and I'm really beginning to hate it.
My hide by hide wash makes the jacket still skew and undulate a bit naturally, but it looks unintentional and I am getting flashbacks of old Julius and stuff in this washed lamb. Not the design so much but the leather itself. Also, once the lamb is washed, it doesn't have a really dark inky blackness to it anymore, it becomes a very dark dark grey and I imagine I could fade it out just a bit more with two washes, maybe. Julius used to give some heavy washes to their thick lamb (same weight as mine) and the finished product looked very similar.
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yeah, i love washed lamb more than anything. would sleep in a bed made of it if i could. my jil and rick washed lamb jackets are softest thimgs ever
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not a big fan of the shine, would like to see what the washed versions look like Still, good shit Dismal. Might have to forgo on that Rick I've been eyeing and pick up your Riders.
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Really feelin the Moto jacket.
Sending you an email now.
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Originally Posted by keykoo View Post
not a big fan of the shine, would like to see what the washed versions look like
The moto sample is in washed lamb.
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Are you concerned about the effects of the hand warmer zips on the washed lamb? Heavy teeth + long sleeves = ?
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Is the perfecto going to be any longer than the other leathers? Also, will it be available in brown?

I can't wait to buy one from you once I see them all and make my decision. Right now I'm leaning toward a brown bomber.
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