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Yesssss, this fabric, please.
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Originally Posted by smko View Post
these shirts will not be a limited run will they?
(staple piece to your line?)

yeah, not limited, except for the fact that we will go through a bunch of colors and probably not get a chance to re-visit or repeat colors for quite awhile.
They are gonna become a staple for us, however I see them selling out pretty quickly as inventory per size will be small, it will run from XXS-XL.
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Put me down for a shirt in whatever color you do first. I have been wanting a leather from this thread but sadly have had zero dollars, but I can afford a OCBD. P.S. Got your message on Facebook about it which brought me to this thread. Just so ya know FB is workin
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thank you, man. I know most people on the fb group check these forums out as well, but I have some random people I know there as well, so I do the little mass mails at times like this. As you guys can tell, I'm stoked about these shirts.
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We need fit pics Dis!
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If we want to get a couple shirts, should we just wait a few weeks for the first few runs to come in?
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^ yes, you can do that, they won"t be long. TBH, I wanted to have 100 pieces off the bat in like 4 colors, but they shot me down on that with a huge no, I'd have to have separate orders of 100 pieces per color to get different colors, so we're talking many thousands of dollars at that point, so I gotta sell some of these first ones to pay for some of the successive runs, and so forth. I have faith they will go, though. Tossing around the idea of taking this design with some other fabrics and making some other shirting as well, before we get to making the broadcloth dress shirt in a different design.
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^ Flannels still on the table? If so, should make some that aren't plaid/tartan, or at least not typical ones. Hard to come by.
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yes, we are on the lookout for whatever is interesting, fabric-wise. In the deep winter months here I find myself with a hankering for plaid broadcloth or tatt shirts sometimes, so we may run a small number of those too, can always use at least one for a season I think. We always luck out and seem to be mystically drawn to the best stuff too, these MOP buttons we found on our first stop and they were right in front of us, though we hadn't planned to originally get buttons this intense. That is how it has been for the huge majority of our materials; I just walk into some place, ask for the best shit they have, and they have the special stuff kinda tucked away and it blows me away every time.
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Shirts looks great. Might have to get a varisty and shirt order combo now, and wear it everyday.
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shirt looks amazing..might need to sell some stuff to pick one up along with the WV
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On second look, a lot of the details are a little too busy for me (front placket ending high, the extra fabric detail on the pocket, the white stitching on a grey shirt, the white collar bit). Are any of these (well, the collar will, obviously) going to be trimmed before production?
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^ Then that would just be an entirely different shirt which is probably already made by other companies.
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^ Seriously. I don't get people who are all "TOJ shirt looks great, minus all the details that make it unique." Buy Gitman or something if you want a super-traditional oxford.
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I mean, I like the cut and the fabric? There's more to the shirt than those particular details.
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