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The Official Temple of Jawnz Thread  

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The Temple of Jawnz The TOJ unofficial site, regularly updated with current info: (credits to aqhong) TOJ photo galleries, with user fit pictures, sample photos, and related miscellany; (credits to shoque) (credits to TransparentCranium) 1. The reversible varsity/MA-1 - Discontinued 2.1 The TOJ moto, from $550 shipped 2.2 The TOJ bomber, from $550 shipped 2.3 The TOJ double rider's from $575 shipped 3. The TOJ G'Harrington, gore-tex Discontinued 4. TOJ OCBD oxford shirts $95 shipped or $87.50 for two or more at a combined shipping rate -details to come 5. TOJ wallets from $100, custom made 6. TOJ peacoat, forthcoming 7. TOJ backpack and bags, forthcoming 8. TBA 9. TBA All pieces are slim in the house fit, and each order is FULLY MADE TO MEASURE with a number of options, so talk to me personally and I will give you the run down and we'll come up with sizing for you. email: There is also a 'Temple of Jawnz' facebook group which I post new pictures to, and take suggestions and sizing polls on, if you want to get involved. It's also a good way to get ahold of me, if you have facebook. ***** Order info ******** I prefer emails to my Gmail address above as opposed to SF or sufu PM's; that way our correspondence will thread and I can refer back to your emails. Secondary to Gmail, Facebook messages are good if you have it; I also find the threading of messages there to be helpful and quick. Currently, I am handling orders, manufacture, shipping, and everything else in between, so orders are moving slower than previously. I ask a 2-4 week wait time on custom pieces ordered from me, and I appreciate your patience. During times of miscommunication or supplies which we must wait on, production can get slow and I also appreciate your patience during those times as well. I am trying to make each piece worth the investment you make in it. Shirts will be in stock, ready to ship same-day or day after payment. Wallets only take a week or so at the current rate. The FASTEST WAY to order from me, and to ensure a great-fitting leather jacket; In your email heading, name the style you want (ie. NAME - BOMBER or MOTO or DOUBLE RIDER) In the email, state the following in a list: -your height/weight/normally worn size in general -Your true shoulder to shoulder -true pit to pit -sleeve length to where hand starts, from shoulder seam (outside measurement) -back length and front length (these are about 2" apart total, fr/back, and the short jackets should hit around the beltline) Measurements you take from good-fitting clothing help tremendously, and having an idea of how you want it to fit would be great too.
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that moto is so goddamn cool wish it came in some wilder colors, would kill for a blue one
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you can probably have a blue one, provided I can find the right colored zips beforehand. I make wishes come true on a regular basis.
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that varsity is the beez kneez.
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also, styleforum Seoul guys; hit me up for a beer and I'll bring along the TOJ stuff and you guys can check it out in person. I'm always down to do that. I'm looking at you, aeglus There is, of course, a lot more to come in this thread....
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Originally Posted by impolyt_one View Post
you can probably have a blue one, provided I can find the right colored zips beforehand. I make wishes come true on a regular basis.

silver zippers would be fine on blue i think
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ya I gotta check out that moto and sneak away from the gf one of these weekends
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What is up with superfuture, I registered an account just for TOJ and it keeps getting deleted. Good thing its moved here. That moto is sick. Any ideas on when the anorak wilil come out plus how much it will cost?
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going from what dismal said in the TOJ thread on sufu, the anorak will cost the same as the harrington which is $180, correct me if i'm wrong.
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no, the anorak will be different (and probbaly cost more as it's a 3-piece set of jackets), I'm still working on it, it's in the lab for now.
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I've said it directly, but I'll repeat here that the Moto looks really fantastic, among your other joints which all look good.
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Will the moto be here in 4 months? With the higher price and the premium zips?
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That varsity/MA-1 looks fantastic.
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Hmm, that's weird: how did TOJ end up on You Might Find Yourself? And that nice bomber too! What's the price on that bomber?
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ETA on the bags, must have before school next year.
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