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Best shaving soap?

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I've only tried Proraso (which is outstanding) and Omega (which is so-so). I've gotten mixed reviews about Trumper's and Truefitt and Hill, though - anyone have any personal experience?

p.s. I read a while back about products by a brand called Billy Jealousy, which was supposed to be really good. I'm not sure if I'm willing to give up the pretension of a shaving soap and brush, but does anyone have personal experience with it?
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I use Tabac and am very happy with it. you can pick it up for roughly 23 bucks.
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I'm a huge fan of Proraso, and tend to use it a little more often than some other brands. That may be an issue of wider availability and econonmy, though, as much as anything.

Other brands I've really enjoyed are Trumper's and Taylor's.
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Tabac can be had through Amazon for $17, free shipping if you're a Prime member. $13 for refills, also prime-eligible. And it's good stuff, provided you like the scent (spicy-pepper-floral). Excellent stuff, rich thick lather.

The Gentleman's Quarter makes some excellent soaps as well, reasonably priced, great scents. Developed with input from a bunch of straight-razor users.

Have not tried Trumpers, but do use Truefitt's Soap and it works quite well, not as rich as Tabac but still good lather, slip and protection. I dock it a few points, because of the smell: a lavender scent which is good, but fairly close to standard bathroom cleaner scent.

Also consider Provence Sante Verlaine soap which is fantastic, and eShave Avocado/Linden soap which is essentially the same stuff with a different shape and name. Both are pretty well tops in my book, with Tabac a close second.
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Musgo Real is very good, and well priced.
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Will have to try some of these recomendations for sure. I'm currently using Proraso(which I agree is outstanding)
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When you say shaving soap, I assume you specifically mean soaps and not creams? I dont' have a large collection of creams (no soaps), but I have found a noticeable difference between the Taylor's and something like The Body Shop or even Crabtree's. The Taylor's is a little more expensive, but definately does a much better job. Lathers better, lubricates, and moisturizes... most of the others I've tried just aren't quite as good on all three dimensions.
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BTW: For reference, I do not mean to slight Proraso, it is outstanding as well. If you ever see the Prep soap, it is essentially Proraso without the menthol and likewise is damn good.
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I used to use Trufitt and switched to Santa Maria Novella's Crema da Barba which I like much better. It's more expensive but the tub is gigantic and will probably last me 2 years.

edit: oops - is the question only about hard soaps?
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I've heard from repeated sources whom I trust, that no soap is better than Tabac. I used Tabac cream, which was terrible, but apparently their soap just can't be beat. That's going to be my next purchase when my current stock runs out.

I can tell you this though from personal experience, if you don't want to spend the money on fancy imported shaving soap, you can make your own very cheaply.

First go to Walmart, Walgreens, CVS, or whatever and pick up a puck of Surrey/Van der Hagen shaving soap.

Any kind of theirs will work, but I use the Deluxe kind. Surrey soap shouldn't cost you more than 2 dollars a puck.

Cut the soap puck into cubes, then place in a microwave safe bowl. I use an 8oz Ziplock tupperware container. Microwave the soap cubes for about 10 or 20 seconds, until it melts pretty nicely. But watch it, it's easy for it to foam over, the soap melts very quickly.

Once melted, stir in 1/2 to 1 teaspoon of liquid vegetable glycerin. Then place in the freezer or let it harden for a while.

Wallah, you have a shave soap that barely cost over 2 dollars that will outperform anything you buy from Britain. It will just be lacking in the scent department is all.
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Originally Posted by javyn View Post
blah blah blah wal-mart DIY cheapie solution blah blah

Don't listen to the penny-pincher. LALALALALALALA I can't hear you.

Sounds like it might actually work, though.

FWIW I have a recipe for an olive oil shaving soap I've been meaning to make for, what, a year now? Just need to get the lye, and the olive oil, and something to cook the soap in, and some scent oils. Minor stuff. Just what I need: more f*cking soaps.
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I can vouch for Truefitt & Hill shaving soaps. Costs about $30, but will last you forever.

I too had read rave reviews about Billy Jealousy, but was disappointed when I got the after-shave balm (Shaved Ice) - stings like a mother and doesn't do anything to help razor bumps.

Cremo Cream isn't bad and it's cheap.
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Taylor of Bond Street, no doubt. Buy in 3-packs on Amazon. Naturally, no matter how good the soap, nothing will replace the adequate time spent prepping up your beard for shaving
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Originally Posted by Thomas View Post
Don't listen to the penny-pincher. LALALALALALALA I can't hear you.

Sounds like it might actually work, though.

Works very well actually. The key is pumping it up with glycerin.
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