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Originally Posted by blackgrass
I am a huge Smartwool fan and have been wearing them for 8 years or so. They are all I will wear anymore and they seem to last forever. I can no longer wear cotton socks after being spoiled by the Smartwools. You can sometimes find them at a great price at

Those look kind of heavy for spring/summer -- do you wear them year-round? Or do they come in different weights?
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+1 on smartwool, but I'm only familiar with their hiking-weight socks, which are far too warm for working out. STP seems to have running socks which sound appealing.

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They do come in different weights. Lots of people think wool would be hot in the summer but this is not the fact they are probably a lot cooler than cotton socks.
I have developed such a sock fetish with the Smartwools....Definately pick up a pair. I have had merino wool socks from other companys and to me they just don't seem as good as the Smartwools.
Heck, I even have a complete set of long underwear made by Smartwool for skiing and cold weather sports.
The weight of socks I normally buy are the "hiking" weight socks for use with casual shoes. The dress socks are nice as they are on that site.

Pick up a pair....I don't think you will be dissapointed.
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thanks for the responses guys...i'm actually considering getting this model for work out, this for casual (maybe along with a falke) and maybe some of their middleweight longsleeves from their site (those look so comfy), it might be a nice alternative to cashmere and much cheaper too .
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I usually buy the best stuff I can get at department store sales for $5-10 a pair. I just don't like the idea of spending a lot on something that I know has a limited lifespan. The temptation is always to grab 5 of something I like, but I prefer variety, and try to stay to 1 or 2, so that over time I'm building up a nice sock wardrobe.
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I wear Pantherella almost exclusively, with most pairs being wool, and a few cotton as well. It has also been my experience that wool is softer and more durable than cotton.
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Originally Posted by pscolari
Yes. And cotton never seems to stay soft after washing the way wool does.
Although this degradation will happen eventually, with better quality cottons the effect can be minimized as follows:

Wash cold, using a powdered detergent. Original Tide is best. Don't use much - about 1/3 scoop for a normal sock load (7-15 pairs). Do not use liquid detergent.

Place in the dryer on the No Heat setting (No Heat is critical) with a couple of dry terrycloth towels and tumble until dry.

This can easily result in the cotton remaining soft and pliable for 40-50 launderings.
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Alex, what is it about liquid detergent that makes it less preferable than powdered?
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Another vote for the Smartwools. I have worn them for years now, in various weights. They are very comfortable even in the summer in Texas. They are starting to come out with some more dress-casual styles as well, in lighter weights. I have been very happy with them so far. They also last longer than any other socks I have worn. I have some Pantherella socks as well, in cotton, and have ordered some in wool. They are very well constructed, and not too much more expensive than Smartwools. Anyone have experience dress socks from Jhane Barnes? I have one pair which I like so far, but I haven't worn them much.
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how would you compaire Pantherellas (sp?) with Smartwool?
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Originally Posted by Cantabrigian
Alex, what is it about liquid detergent that makes it less preferable than powdered?
In liquid detergent, 100% of the cleaning is accomplished by the chemical agents. The powder in powdered detergents acts as a "scrubber" which means that either the chemicals don't have to be as strong or you can use less.

It is the same principle as one of the components of Octagon which is sand or pumice and of the traditional old washboard whose ridges acted as scrubbers.

Simple ... boring ... true.
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