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Boston bound. . .

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Hello all, Coming up on the 10th I'll be heading up to Boston for four days, a city of which I have never been, so I am wondering what any of you may recommend to check out while there? Store wise I plan to drop by Louis of Boston, but would also like to stop in a good Off 5th, or the like, if there are any great outlets around the city. I also would appreciate any word on good restaurants, art galleries, and happening clubs. Thanks. . .
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Timothy: Louis is superb. Paul Wade is usually who I work with there. There are 5 or more other stores well worth visiting as well. Let me know what sort of clothing you prefer, and I can send you something via e-mail if you'd like... For outlets check: Wrentham Village Premium Outlets One Premium Outlets Blvd., Wrentham, MA 02093. and Saks Off Fifth Outlet Store Worcester Commons, 110 Front St., Worcester, MA 01608. (508) 757-4666. Off Fifth clearance center. Broken lots, items can be damaged and stained, but GREAT prices.
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Louis is great, but very pricey. Steve B. failed to mention Filene's Basement (which surprises me, he seems to know of every discount store in the country). The Filene's Basement in downtown Boston is different than any other, for two reasons. One, they get great merchandise, from Louis Boston, Richards and Mitchells of Grennwich, among others. Two, they have an automatic markdown program in which the longer the item has been there (every item is tagged with a date), the steeper the discount. A must-visit. Some recent purchases: Brioni shirt, 60 bucks; Cerruti sportcoat, 100 bucks; YSL knit wool tie, 4 bucks; Bruno Magli cap toe lace-ups, 90 bucks; Missoni three-button suit, 300 bucks. One drawback - the sales people in the men's department are spotty, but on the whole much much better than your average sales clerk. In my experience, the women seem to be a bit better than the men. Go figure.
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Peter: Had heard rumors of it, but haven't visited. Sounds great- will have to next visit based on your info. The one in Chicago is OK- Hickey-Freeman and some really broken lots of Zegna, Sulka, and Kolte ties and shirts. I always wondered what Richards and Louis did with their unsold clothing. Now I know. Something to look forward to next time.
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Thank you both for the suggestions. I did a little digging on the net, after I posted up the question, just to see what is around in the area and came across most of the places that were mentioned, even Filene's. If I get a chance to stop there Steve I'll let you know how it was. As to my style it kind of flip-flops between dressing up, and lately a more laid back, sporty style depending on my mood (my job doesn't require a dress code). Right now I'm really feeling both D&G's and the Dolce S/S lines, so my interests are more towards leisurewear instead of like Lorenzini, and such. That is why I want to check out Louis since I know they carry an extensive line of such youthful labels. If any of the Saks, or other stores have a good selection of this style shoot me off an e-mail at I am also interested in maybe picking up another Paul Smith shirt in a floral pattern, or the Prada/Miu Miu florals, though preferably at an outlet if that is at all possible. So now what about club's and restaurants?
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Depends what you like to do. Boston's a relatively small town, so I've been almost everywhere. Give me an idea of the type of place you like and I'll shoot over some recommendations.
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Hmmm, that's hard to say for I'm usually up for anything from small little watering holes, with guys just playing acoustic guitars, to the trendiest clubs pounding with the latest beats. Though for this trip I'm more interested in what are the hot spots to shake your ass at and meet the ladies. Of late I prefer rap music over techno, but will dance to whatever. Also maybe some more chill places to just sit, drink, and talk, but all on a more fashionable dress tip. So hopefully this helps, I'm interested in what recommendations you have.
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