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White Jeans

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Can anyone recommend some nice white jeans for me. I want them to have a similar cut to my APC Rescue jeans. Tapered is fine. My thighs are too big for anything else.
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Dr. Denim, Acne and Julian Red all make white jeans with good fits.
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I think Rescues have been compared to HL original as far as fit goes. HL definitely does white, if you can find them.

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I'm going to suggest Levi's 527 and 501 in white again.
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helmut lang
(and there are lots of them on sale on bluefly and scoopnyc, fyi)
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Originally Posted by hermes
helmut lang
(and there are lots of them on sale on bluefly and scoopnyc, fyi)

Do you know of any other places that sell white Helmut Lang jeans? Maybe a place I can actually try them on. Do you think Fred Segal's in Santa Monica might carry them?
post #7 of 14 I went to Fred Segal on Monday (well, just to the HTC part) and didn't see any Helmut Lang. I thought the brand was discontinued or something? I don't really follow stuff like that though...
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I have some awesome white jeans from Helmut Lang. They're a perfect fit, IMO.
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I've got a pair of white Diesel Rabox that I used to wear all the time when I had long hair and could pull of a rock-star look. Damn I loved those jeans.
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Bluefly even has white Rogans.
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^ with respect, I have never had a pair of 501s that fit like HLs...
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where to find helmut lang in person at the moment is hard to say

given the label was folded by prada and until it's rebirth under the theory company next year in the s/s, what you find on the internet is pretty well all there is out there at the moment

i haven't been able to find any HL in stores other than prada space outlets in europe since the shuttering

sorry, someone else may have a better answer
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Barney's had a decent selection when I was in NYC in October/November.
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the last time I wore white jeans a few of my friends and me dressed up as Clockwork Orange Droogs for halloween many years back. But i think white jeans can look really good as long as you're not packing any extra weight. The new Paul Smith ones look like they have a great fit.
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