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Classic Cars

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It seems we're overdue for a thread discussing classic cars. Let's be truly indulgent here and assume that you were able to have a stable of classic cars. In my life-long experience of classic cars, I've noticed that few people who have them have just one. Which cars would you choose for your stable. Of course, to any SF veteran, I'm highly predictable: 1932 Packard Twin-Six Dietrich Convertible Victoria This was my grandfather's car as it appeared in Automobile Quarterly's book on Packard. It's a one-of-a-kind and its book-value is listed as "inestimable." He sold it for enough to retire on and took the grey Packard shown later in the thread as partial payment.
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My dad's latest toy. 8000 original miles...

The extra "limo" passenger seats in the back flip down, when needed:
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Perhaps an Horch 853:


Mercedes Benz 300SL Gulfwing:

Cadillac V16 Roadster:

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Well, why not pass the time on this brisk spring morning in Minsk by building a classic car? Good idea, Red! This is different from my accumulated little stable of otherwise quirky cars.

I went to the Pebble Beach Concours d'Elegance almost every year from 1965 through 1991. When my age and budget finally allowed it, I participated concurrently at the Monterey Historic Races in 1976,1977, and 1978. The crowds finally caused me to throw-in the towel.

The early years of sparsely attended "╦ťsecret club' type events gave way to the crush of humanity that didn't know a Bentley from a Borgward. These days my wife and I don't even go home to California in August. We remain on the patio in Cargese. I think we've been back for the Monterey weekend four times since 1991.

Turn me loose with an unlimited checkbook and I would order two late-1930s Delahaye Type 165 chassis supplied with the V-12 engine. One chassis would be a short wheelbase; the other would be a long wheelbase.

When Delahaye had the chassis ready, I would have them send the swb to Chapron for a lithe coupe body to be fitted. The lwb would go to Figoni and Falaschi for them to design an endless roadster similar to what they made for the New York World's Fair in 1939 and pictured below.

Now it's time to go to the office in an ordinary car! Thanks again for the fantasia, Red.

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Yes, I don't know why so many people who don't even like autos of a certain age would pay a fair amount of money for these shows. Besides, they are all dressed badly. I love the coachbuilders. Perhaps something by Jacques Saoutchik. And also a Talbot-Lago TK150:
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I shall go ahead and be the crass one here, but I do not care! Starting with the recent examples (what isa classic car, anyway?) Lancia Stratos. Pretty much first purpose built rally car. Lancia Integrale Evoluzione Alfa-Romeo 2900MM Corsa Spider And something rather different, the first real Japanese exotic, Toyota 2000 GT. Jaguar XK120 P.s. I would not mind a SL gullwing, hint hint
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Err... I did not notice that several people put the XK120 on their list over on the 4-door thread. Just read it for the first time in days
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For more accessible autos then an Alfa Romeo Giulietta Sprint Speciale is rather nice. I actually feel the Volvo 1800 to possess a certain chic.
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Originally Posted by LabelKing
I actually feel the Volvo 1800 to possess a certain chic.

I agree
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Originally Posted by LabelKing
I actually feel the Volvo 1800 to possess a certain chic.
I've never met anyone who would disagree with that. From my grandfather's stable, now belonging to my brother (at the wheel), the '33 Packard Twelve Convertible Coupe Roadster. It's currently in the shop having some work done, including a new paint job and new woodgraining to the dash and upper door panels.
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In the "attainable" category:

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from top to bottom:
Ford RS200 - imo the most iconic of the group b rally cars, ugly as sin but fast as...

Jensen Interceptor - affordable 70's beast, built not too far from where i live (midlands massive!), wraparound back window a thing to behold.

Studebaker Avanti - i like loads of american classics, but this space age raymond loewy designed car is the best. rear light clusters are both original and timeless.

Lancia Fulvia - again quite cheap,, a bit brittle, but in that lovely italian way.

BMW 3.0 CSL - the batmobile, race proven, ott and all good

Honda S800 - always liked the mg midget, and the family used to own a triumph herald, honda distilled that sort of car and made it better.

Porsche 914 - nice rear, compact, not as self conciously cool as an old 911, and pretty rare.

Zagato bodied Aston Martin DB4 GT - if money really was no object then this is probably my all time favourite - not quite as plebby as some of my other choices...
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Original SLR
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