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What do you use to shave?

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Well I just switched to a DE, cheapy plastic non-adjustable one. Saw it in the supermarket and thought what the hell (it cost me about 35 cents). The worst that can happen is...well...severe bloodshed. Minimal bleeding and the closest shave I have ever had (but takes a loooong time though). I then bought 15 replacement blades for a total cost of about $1.20. 4 Mach 3 blades cost me about $9. I do seem to be going through them faster though - but still - not that much faster. When next I travel I am going to find an adjustable (hopefully vintage) one and I shall love him and squeeze him and call him George. So I have hung up my Mach 3's, will use them only for rush jobs and travelling. I was using a M3Power, before that used an M3 for 10 yrs or so I guess. What do you guys use to shave?
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I use the Fusion, which oddly is a rougher shave than the M3, but I'm too lazy to buy new blades right now.

I would've guessed that you 'd be getting wet shaves for like a buck.
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yeah cheaper, about 65 cents (10000 dong) but a few probs they all (ALL) use the cheapest foam they can find at the supermarket. that thick white stuff. it burns the skin and leaves a rash. Im tempted to buy some decent soap and tell the guy 'for matt use only', but they will probably just sell it as a higher priced shave, use it all up, and then smile at me a lot and pretend they have no idea what i am talking about when i turn up and ask for it. most of the barbers are used to Asian guys (understandable!), but with a lot finer and a lot less facial hair than mat xanh mui lo (blue eyes big nose) like me. Im a challenge. finally a lot may well not use new razors every time - i yell at them if I dont see them change it, then they curse me a lot and use another...but still.... What do you mean by 'rougher'? Also, how much are Fusion blades?
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Yeah, the one thing that scares me about getting shaved at places like that is cleanliness of the blades.

The Fusion nicks me every couple shaves, whereas the M3 hasn't over the past couple years, even on dry, drunken shaves. I can feel the blades more closely on my skin, which scares me into shaving more lightly, and I end up getting a less close shave.
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Switched to DE, short flop--yes, flop--back to an M3, and now a DE for good. As you say, much closer shaves make the occasional nick worthwhile. It's eye opening not to have ingrown hairs at the top of my neck anymore.

I don't recommend QED's anise and lavender soap. Smells much too herbal. Everything else though is top notch.

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I'm getting into straight razors just now, so I haven't really got the technique right yet. I have an old german Garantie, but I just started this week so I have a lot of small nicks at the moment. Before I used the Gillette model with 2 blades, I can't remember what it is called. I use Truefitt & Hill 1805, T&H West Indian Limes or Taylor's Sandalwood cream and Nivea for Men sensitive aftershave.
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For cream, I now use The Body Shop shave cream. T&H always left me dry and never gave me enough lube. If I dont feel like taking the time with my DE I use a Sensor Exel, with the plain Sensor blades(the kind with no "fins").

I finish it all off with Brave Soldier: Code Blue as my aftershave.
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Originally Posted by Reggs

For cream, I now use The Body Shop shave cream. T&H always left me dry and never gave me enough lube.
yeah i used Body Shop creams for a long time, very good. There is no Body Shop in VN (strangely) but there is L'Occitane. I use their soap (and their brush too). Happy with it.
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I didn't know bodyshop makes a cream, I'll definately check that out. I like the english creams however, but one can never have enough shaving creams.

Reggs > I really want to get my hands on some Code Blue. Where did you get yours? I'm in Europe so shipping from ME will cost me $40
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I've been through all the frou-frou stuff. Now I just use Barabsol for cream, a Mach 3 razor, and either cold water or cheap 'ol Brut for the aftershave.
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Merkur safety razor, Taylor of Old Bond Street shaving cream, Kiehl's aftershave and moisturizer.
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Merkur Heavy Duty DE, Shavemac silvertip badger brush, Geo Trumper Rose cream, Geo Trumper Violet cream, Truefitt & Hill 1805 cream, Proraso green cream, Baxter's of California aftershave balm. I like it the frou-frou
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I grew up with my father being a big brush/flat razor fanatic, but honestly, for skin protection, etc. isn't it just better to use gel/cream and a 3-4 blade razor like Fusion/Shick Quattro/Mach 3 ? Is there any advantage to using the latter other than the fact that it is gentlemanly? I use Anthony shave oil/Gillette gel/2 blade cheap Gillette razor/Baxter herbal mint aftershave lotion.......and I get a good shave. Also, does anyone still use styptic pencils? Are they any good?
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On weekdays, I shave with the M3, in the shower, with lathered Kiehl's face soap. On the weekends, use the Merkur DE adjustible, and alternate between Kiehl's shave cream and shave soap with brush.
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I alternate between a Merkur Futur, and a 1st quarter of 1959 Gillette Adjustable "Fat Boy" DE. I also have a Proraso boar bristle shaving brush like the ones they just got in at Target, an unlabeled Chinese-made Pure badger brush, and Shavemac Silvertip badger; all three of which I love. I have too many soaps and creams to list. Favorites being, Proraso, Geo F. Trumper Rose, GFT Violet, C&E Almond Oil, Musgo Real, Will G from ebay's hard soaps, and a concoction I made by melting down pucks of Surrey soap in the microwave then stirring in vegetable glycerin. Here are a few of my things (can't you tell I probably have OCD) In my opinion, England, 1 blade is better for the skin than 3 or 4 or 5, fewer blades, less irritation. Also (for me), a DE just shaves closer than any cartridge razor out now. No harm in trying one out, the heads of the DE razors don't pivot though, which means you will have to adjust the angle of the blade to your face yourself. It will force you to develop some skills and good habits shaving, so that even if you decide DEs aren't worth bothering with, your shaves will still be better than they were before, even with a M3 or Fusion, or whatever. Yes I do use styptic pencils and they do work well so long as the cut/gash isn't too big. I don't use it often though because I only knick myself when I am getting "experimental" with my technique. Hey Reggs, is that a Shavemac stand you have?
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