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Originally Posted by revjrg View Post

Psalms also says: "Happy shall he be, that taketh and dasheth thy little ones against the stones."

Try using a little common sense when you quote scripture!

Weirdest necro-bump/first post combination ever.

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Polyester helps the fabric last longer but the bad thing is it can be environmentally hazardous since it hardly erodes.

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Originally Posted by duggyald View Post

Polyester helps the fabric last longer but the bad thing is it can be environmentally hazardous since it hardly erodes.

+1, plastic micro fibres end up in the food chain via laundry, waistwater, oceans
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Originally Posted by Klobber View Post

Now I know why, thank you for that pearl of ancient Hebrew wisdom! To get around this ancient law of Moses, perhaps I will wear clothes woven with three materials to avoid eternal damnation.

God himself may frown upon thy insolence but do not to worry, for Moses will not judge thee for wearing the blended cloths from hell. You may find that the book of Leviticus does indeed hold very profound wisdom. The chapter in question referred to in this thread >
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Polyester enhances disgusting body odour by about 100%, do not sit next to anyone on public transport who wears this material, it is fine for ropes and making tarpaulins and nothing else. It should be banned from comming into contact with human skin. 100 % Cotton every time, feels better and is heigenic.

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Yes, 100% poly clothing does hold odor; I typically have to Mirazyme my hiking clothing.  However, I have not found that be an issue with blended clothing.  I exclusively wear 60/40 poly/cotton blend t-shirts and have had no odor issues.  I think people who wear 100% cotton t-shirts for any type of strenuous activity are insane.  They get soaked and don't dry, which is not only unpleasant, but also a health concern when hiking.  Try hiking in a 100% cotton t-shirt that is drenched by the end of the day and then sleeping in that still-wet shirt when the temp drops to 40F at night.

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For that reason wool undershirts and longjohns are far more comfortable and better at wicking moisture away from the skin. 

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Pro athletes often wear close to 100% poly.

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It can be undesirable when worn during warm, humid weather as polyester is a not a natural fiber unlike the cool cotton. Having said that, the cotton/poly blend  retains its form with hardly any wrinkling.

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leviticus 19:19 says do not wear linen and woolen mixed together it is a old orthodox jewish law meaning that Linen which is a plant made from flax and wool is from an animal are not to be mixed together because simply stated it isnt Kosher. same as not cooking any milk products with non  milk/nonkosher products.  Wear  whatever you like if you are not orthodox  Jew.  if you are then  dont  wear the  Wool  with  Linen ... you cannot allow  law that are  thousands of years old  to rule your life if you are not of the   Jewish orthodox  religion.Remember the Bible...  king james version was written  but   copied  by monks   inn long hand then   guttenbery    came  along one day and he invented the printing  press.  When he did he    also copied  down    the   writings as he was able to understand them to me the  Bible ought to be the Guttenberg  Bible since it is his  interpretation.

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you want to look as if you  rolled out of bed and  wore you clothes all night in the hot  heat  then go right  ahead.   as  for this old lady i  go  for  a neater  look   poly/cotton is up my alley  no ironing  and if you do iron  guaranteed you're going to  look lousy because  100%  cotton doesnt look  good after wearing it ten minutes. as a nurse  (retired) i learned a long time  ago  sweat does not  stink      it is  when  sweat is allowed to soak into   material,  hair    stay on   skin which hasnt been  washed  for hours  then the bacteria   grows and   thus  is  the   stink ...   my advice? SHOWER  2-3 TIMES A DAY  if you sweat profusely      and if you  are a  person   with a known afflictions  as  hyper -hydrosis meaning  excessive sweating   beyond the norm,  your  doctor  will  offer you some    remedies,,,  no need to  sweat plus be  wrinkled.

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hardly erodes?  ok get rid of your plastic trash bags- your latex  gloves, your polystyrene coffee cups-  your plastic   flip  flops, your    hair spray  and your  hair dye,  get rid of your make up its all chemicals,  get  rid of your plastic  false teeth,   get rid of your poly neckties and  plastic belts with   steel  buckles that  also will be here on  earth  a hell  of a lot longer than you or I.   As a matter of fact  listen to everyone  but dont use your own brain &  may as  well  come into the world buck neked and live that  way  forever...see how long it is till thee put you in side a  metal  and  concrete chamber wearing  a poly   orange colored jumpsuit. and a pair of orange  flip flops.

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Sweat baby sweat ... the biggest issue with poly-blend shirts for those of us not regularly playing with fire
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LMFAO! What are you idiot's talking about?!?! Who worries about catching on fire when deciding on shirts???? Do you worry about knot strength on shoelaces cause you might trip over them in traffic?

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. . . i'm looking for a cotton sleeping bag online for under $100.  and one that im interested in has cotton/polyester outer shell, and 100% cotton.   the reason i dont care for polyester is  that they dont 'breathe.'   i wont wear polyester clothes and bedding. 

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