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I'll share it if/when I get the info.

The proof is in the pudding, of course, but I'm pretty excited about LNC, and disappointed about them closing. This is a resource I wish I'd found a while ago, and I'm surprised it's flown under the radar a little. When I came in the shop, the old man had the cut and heavily chalked pieces for a pair of trousers out on the counter and was about to work on them.

The older guy's english is not spectacular, but we were able to communicate pretty well. He was happy to meet my requirements, with one exception: he said he couldn't do d-ring side adjusters, but would a button extender instead. It may be a little more difficult for a suit, and it would probably be best to bring pictures and/or wear a suit with the silhouette you prefer. Maybe next week...
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Yeah, I would give LNC a try for trousers, too, if they weren't closing in a few months. It's not worth the risk for me if there's no potential for them as a longer term source for cheap trousers.
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Originally Posted by chorse123
I'm having LNC make me a pair of trousers as a bit of a trial run. Mr. LNC said they'll be done in a week. Tailoring charge was $80.

Also, he said he's retiring and will close in June, not May. But he said he has a friend he could send me to.

Is that COM?
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Yes-I had a yard and a half of grey Vitale Barberis 120s tropical wool. I don't know why he charged me $80 - he says he normally charges $85. It was a little weird.
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Originally Posted by chorse123
Yes-I had a yard and a half of grey Vitale Barberis 120s tropical wool. I don't know why he charged me $80 - he says he normally charges $85. It was a little weird.

Are you using LNC for your ebay material? I am especially interested in the windowpane you purchased and your plans for that.
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Maybe, depends on how these trousers turn out, and on when I use it.
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I wish I had heard about LNC years ago. Are there others in China Town? I wonder if there are any good Hong Kong tailors in Flushing.

Anyone ever try Wong's Custom Tailor? (
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Don't know anything about Wong's. There was an article in the Times a couple months ago about a writer having an Armani suit copied at Mr. Yan's International Tailor Company at 98 Mott Street. I have no idea about the quality, but the guy can't be all bad, because he had this to say ''Armani no good, not professional.'' The writer was charged $620 for a two piece, including material. Edit: and the article, which you now have to pay for, can be found here for free:
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Had a fitting today at LNC for my pair of trousers. They met all my requests, and the fit was pretty good. The waist was too big, even on the tighter button. They're making the alteration and I'll pick up tomorrow. Work seems to be good but not phenomenal, though the trousers are remarkably light. Very good for summer. More thoughts and pics to come later.
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Picked up my trousers today at LNC. I'm a little mixed on them. The construction is solid--the buttonholes on the waist and fly are all hand sewn, and the work in general is pretty good--but the fit could be improved. They wrinkle under the seat, and the pockets gape a little. That's covered when I wear a jacket, but I won't always be wearing these with a jacket. This coat, by the way, is the linen/wool/silk blend I bought at the Hickey Freeman sample sale. I also wish that I'd ordered these trousers with cuffs, since the wool is so light. For $80 (tailoring), I'm generally satisfied. But I don't know that I'm going to be rushing back to LNC before the end of May.

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I got to tell you Jamison, those things look pretty good. Are you sure the wrinkling is not fabric related? iF not the fabric, then could what ever they did wrong possibly be fixzed on the next pair of pants? Cuffs would've looked awesome with those. I love the side buttons.
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Thanks, Ed. The way the whole trousers hangs is a little off balance. If I lean far forward, the creases under the seat disappear, and they hang a little better. I didn't notice it at the shop--much easier for me to see in pictures. I don't know if it could be fixed on this pair.
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Ah, I was going to ask if you saw that during the fittings. I agree that it's hard to catch all the potential problems in a fitting. I think LNC has potential, but since they're closing, I'd rather experiment with the guy he recommends.

Although the flaw with the back is significant, the pants look pretty good in all other respects.
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I like the waist band a lot. I wonder if the wrinkling problem is caused by the front/back rise balance. Maybe the back rise is a little short? Or maybe take out the rear seam just a touch?

The gaping pockets are what concerns me a little bit more, in terms of whether I'll go to LNC to get a pair made. Is a gaping pocket problem ever fixable? Is there a particular type of pocket that is easier to make without gaping (quarter pockets maybe?)?
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For $80, those look awesome. Actually, they look awesome, period. For someone like me with limited finances, the idea of getting trousers which fit so well you don't even need a belt is quite tantalising!
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