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I did some hunting on-line for LNC. There's not much, but I found a few things that may be of interest. I'll be going there sometime this week to get the lay of the land. L.N.C. Custom Tailors Messrs. Lee & Chu have been making men's and women's clothes at 83 Baxter Street behind the Tombs for a long time. Best Bargain: An odd waistcoat ("weskit", please). This 19th century holdover from The Land of Tailored Tweeds has to fit right (no belts). It is made of the same material all around (not lining material in the back). Suggestion: Stop in at Modern Woolens or Beckenstein (Orchard St.) or Singer (Delancey St.) and take your choice of material to LNC. A couple weeks (and a couple fittings) later, tuck it under a tweed jacket or dressy suit (over shirt and tie or a light-weight sweater) and look better than a Paul Stuart model (at half the cost).
The City Look by universitydon posted November 17, 2004 \t\t Messrs. Lee & Chu, of Baxter Street in New York's Chinatown offer hand-made tailored clothing at reasonable prices. I have had several suits and jackets from them over the years, and I continue to think of them as the place to go. A couple special items: odd trousers and waistcoats. With odd trousers going for $85-$110 (plus tailoring charges...) in the discount stores, LNC is highly competive and the pants will fit better, last longer. Mr. Lee makes my waistcoats with the same material all the way around (not lining material in the back); the result is a functional garment (warm) as well as something stylish. The only caveat: You must be absolutely clear about what you want, and you need to take several fittings.
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By the way, chorse, there is another Asian tailor two or three storefronts (very small storefronts) down from LNC. I am sure price would be about the same but I do not know of the quality, you might want to stop in.
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Thanks, Ed. I'll try and check them out as well.
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Originally Posted by edmorel
By the way, chorse, there is another Asian tailor two or three storefronts (very small storefronts) down from LNC. I am sure price would be about the same but I do not know of the quality, you might want to stop in.

That would be Tai Fong Tailors. I don't think their level of workmanship is close to LNC. I went in before and seen a suit they were working on and in my opinion, it looked sloopy. But don't take my word for it, please do go and check too see for yourself.
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Stopped by LNC this morning, but only had a few minutes before work. The owner, who is friendly and was happy to answer questions, said they take 2 to 3 weeks to turn around a suit. He said they do as many fittings as necessary, usually two plus final try-on. Trousers are $85 + material, sportcoats are $400 + material. As edmorel posted previously, suits are $500 + material for a two piece. Using their fabrics, he said they start at around $650.

It's a small, basic shop--no ancient wood paneling here. But it looks like they do pretty good work, and now I just have to decide what I want first
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the navy windowpane the navy windowpane
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I know, I know. But if I go with the navy windowpane first, I won't be able to wear it for something like 5 months. And that's no fun. I may try just a jacket from the wool/silk blend, or if I can get something nice from Tip Top, a pair of trousers. $150 for custom trousers = awesome.
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Will LNC do CMT? If so, they sound like they're worth a try for odd trousers.
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LNC will do pretty much whatever you want. Comparing their workmanship to and old Mr. Ned suit that I have at home, I think Mr. Ned gets a slight edge workmanship wise and I will probably go with him rather than LNC, also NEd will be easier to communicate with. The one thing that neither one of these two guys do, though, is put that rubber-like strip around the inside waistband that helps keep the shirt in. Anyone know what that is called?

Chorse, we'll compare suits and details once they are both done. Also, you might want to get there sooner rather than later as LNC mentioned that May would be his last month and he was not 100% sure that his partner (who speaks worse English) will continue the business.
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Ah, right. If they close down in May, there's a lot less motivation to try them out. A one-off pair of trousers is much less compelling than an ongoing local source for cheap CMT trousers or something along the lines of a Jantzen for trousers.
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Keep in mind that I said "might" not continue the business. I would at least go and inquire about the situation. You can call on the phone but his English is not too strong and he does not seem to like to talk on the phone too much.

edit: Just heard from my friend who picked up his LNC suit last night. LNC told him that they will be closing next month and if you use the fabrics that they have left in the store, they are pricing stuff to move.
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Damn. You'd think he might have mentioned that to me this morning. Well, it's either hurry up or not at all, I guess.
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Seems like a good value. I wonder if they could do a nice British cut with high armholes and suppressed waist. So jealous of you all for being in a town with great menswear shops... EDIT: Your friend gets brownie points for getting single forward pleats, despite that they seem a bit big for my taste.
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I'm having LNC make me a pair of trousers as a bit of a trial run. Mr. LNC said they'll be done in a week. Tailoring charge was $80.

Also, he said he's retiring and will close in June, not May. But he said he has a friend he could send me to.
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If his friend is similarly priced, that would be a very useful name to know.
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