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Haven't seen many of those RCCH, but I'll keep an eye out. Will be in Chicago over Thanksgiving and will perhaps bump into one. If so, I'll let you know. Great choice- color & style will work with anything.... Sak's usually discounts their own brand right about now, and depending on how they're doing financially, the price gets lower and lower as Christmas approaches...I'll look in SF; I need to run in there some time in the next few days before departing for Chi. Plus I'll check the one there. And of course all the specialty stores here there and in between.
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Steve B, Thank you for your help. You are quite the resource. RCCH
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Your'e welcome, RCCH. Just checked their web site and these sweaters are on sale NOW, just no black...If price is in your range, you could call SF and ask after black...But I bet they'll mark them down further. And I will look Saturday or Sunday, just for fun
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sorry if i'm hijacking the thread, but what's generally considered a good price for a high quality cashmere sweater (malo, loro piana, etc.)? as i'm sure most here are already aware of there's a bunch of malo sweaters on bluefly for $300, and that 20% coupon is making me second guess a wool zegna sweater which i ordered last week (but hasnt shipped yet). if it's a really good deal i may ask them to take back the order and then splurge on cashmere. also, as someone who currently lacks any quality/dressy winter sweaters, i'm interested in hearing your recommendations for a first sweater in terms of neck type/color. i've decided i don't want a crew neck, but is there any reason to pick a v-neck over a mock neck or vice versa? as for color, i'm thinking about getting something beige, cream, or tan , although i have heard the school of thought that more vivid colors are better for sweaters.
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I think Malos and Loro Pianas run in the neighborhood of $450-500 retail. But I don't own any cashmere sweaters and must defer to GQG's earlier post. Checking Bluefly is an excellent idea to start a collection, though. Thanks for the tip. I would choose something versatile in a color that flatters you. RCCH's choice of black was excellent- almost anyone looks good in black. Same with navy and charcoal. And tans/khakis are good. Pick something that goes with your hair, eyes, and complexion. A V-neck can be dressed up or down, and worn by itself (IMO if you wear an undershirt it should be V-neck as well and NOT show), or for work or casual, depending on what your office's dress code is.
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RCCH: Spotted one at a Rack yesterday. Brand was Cashmere Exchange, black v-neck, size M, price $100. Quality was so-so. Got Land's End catalog yesterday also. I had forgotton about them and don't now how you feel about their quality, but that's another option. Steve
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I was wondering if someone could comment on the quality of TSE cashmere.
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I was wondering if someone could comment on the quality of TSE cashmere.
supposedly very good. I'd personally consider them a tier under Loro, Malo and the like, but nonetheless very good. Bluefly had a few cashmere items from them, not sure if they still do.
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They do still have a good amount of cashmere there from TSE. They also have these very nice trousers... hmm 20% off coupon... http://www.bluefly.com/pages....766944#
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RCCH: Wasn't able to check the Sak's in SF, but the one in Chi had cashmere Exchange in black for around $180 on sale (think it was cable knit). Sak's own brand had only polos in black, at the price quoted on the web ($229). Land's End claims they are selling 2 ply Inner Mongolian cashmere. They have a black v-neck for $138 in the catalog, which I'm sure you could also get from the web site.
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I was wondering if someone could comment on the quality of TSE cashmere.
Tse is excellent cashmere. To be honest, I think their cashmere is the softest around. In terms of quality, they're probably a notch below Loro Piana and Malo, but not by much. I have one cashmere sweater by Tse and it is sooo soft. Tse also has really interesting designs and strives to take risks with its line. I would own more cashmere sweaters by Tse, but unfortunately, their fit isn't as good for me as Malo.
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A 9 year necropost. Impressive.
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