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How to wear a sportcoat

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I really like the sportcoat/jeans or sportcoat/t-shirt look. I wear it as often as I can; at class, out to dinner, clubbing, ect... For dinner or more dressy occasions I'll wear a button down shirt underneath, for class I usually wear my tan cauderoy coat (got it for $2 at a thrift store) with a t-shirt. All of the time however, I pair the coat with jeans; never really pulled of the coat/slacks look, I'd rather dress it down. Since this is such a versitile look, how do you guys wear your sportcoats and blazers? Also what type of collar do you prefer under a coat (sans tie)? I've found button down collars work the best, opposed to non-button collars. The buttons tend keep the collar standing up straight and in place. I also can never figure out whether to tuck in my shirt to my jeans when wearing a sportcoat, sometimes it just depends on the shirt.
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I actually kind of like unbuttoned spread collars under blazers. It kind of broadens my face - it may be a bit silly, but I like the look of it.
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It depends on the lapels of the blazer. If the lapels are larger I don't mind if the collar sticks out more.
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