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Please state: 1) What constitute a good shirt (ie details and material) 2) Where do you live (as I've found that acceptance varies)
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While living in New York; I never found it unreasonable to pay USD 100+ for a good shirt. Sales and discount stores aside, you really can't get a good shirt for less than that. The best I've found around this price is Barney's house brand ($115), or Ike Behar ($125); I've never tried Thomas Pink ($125). The price range below that is RL, BB, DKNY, ect... for about $50-70. This range I would consider sub-par, not really a "good shirt."      Here's the catch; since being in Italy I've found comparatable quality shirts to the $125 NY range for about $60. The other day while in Lucca, I purchased a shirt for e40 that is far better in construction and material than an RL shirt at the $70 level. I wouldn't consider it better than my Ike Behar shirts; for that type of quality you'd have to spend about e60-80 here.    These are small Italian shirt companies though, however it dosn't stop here. Last week while in Milan at the department store La Rinascente, I found full priced Zegna shirts at e90, and Corneliani at e95. To top it off, in two separate men's stores, I found Brioni priced at e110. (Unfourtunatly they didn't have one Brioni in my size, and at the other store they wouldn't let me try it on.?.?.? wtf )     After seeing all this, I've come to the conclusion shirt pricing is relative to the area. I can see how in Hong Kong shirts may go for USD 30-40, while in New York, shirts at that price range are... let's just say most members on this forum wouldn't wear them.
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I would do a search on the forum for tips about the signs of quality shirts - I think the last word in that has already been said. I stumbled into a shirt store in Lucca as well and bought a few, some years ago. They didn't last very long though but the store was small and charming and had a great selection from their own brand. I really can't remember the brand but it was an English name (?). Same store ? - perhaps. $125 for a Thomas Pink is a ripoff and example of the power of brand-markup. (sorry, I use every oppotunity to bash TP :-} ) 10/4 B
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1) A good shirt will be made out of exceptional cotton or linen (a shirt not made from one of these two natural fibres is either intended as an outer garment, or I would only wear for clubbing) with perfect pattern matching, thick mother-of-pearl buttons with no flaws on the back-side, and fits perfectly. 2) Irrelevant. I feel at home everywhere from Lagos or Lahore to Vienna or London. As for your un-numerated question, the most I've paid for an off-the-rack shirt was about US$300 (Paul Smith). But I rarely buy anything off the rack at full price. The most I've dropped on a bespoke one is about US$550 at contemporary exchange rates. Peace, JG PS: Mike C., unfortunately many European stores (especially outlets) don't want to let people try on shirts. They don't seem to understand that every piece is a bit different.
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