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All the best, and thank you for GMail!
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Didn't get to know you that well, but I appreciated the backup in a few of those CE threads before the crash! Best of luck on the bar, and hurry back once you kick its ass into next week.
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Best Wishes and hope to see you back again as well.
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I still miss pstoller.
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Originally Posted by RJMan
good luck. Just remember during the bar everyone else is as tense and scared as you are.

To this I would add, just remember that you only have to pass the bar exam - you don't have to get an A.

Best of luck CTGuy.
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Good luck on the bar and in your future endeavors. Hope to see you back here once your life has settled back down. No matter how much it gets you down, never lose sight of the fact that the law remains a noble profession.
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Hope all goes well for you. Good luck on the bar.

I know we'll see you back here in good time.
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Best of luck on the exam.
Stop back in to say hello and to brag about how your multistate was so strong they didn't even grade the essay.

My advice to new lawyers: value your free time no less than your billable time. I have a great marriage, great kid, and great career to prove the value of that advice.
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hey man best wishes and good luck, remember when we bought ice cream and u wanted mocca but they didnt have any so you took lemon and the lemon was really sour? that was fun man. im gonna miss you, love your imaginary friend
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Sorry to see you leave - judging by your often erudite comments, I don't think you'll be in very much trouble with the bar exam. Do come back, and good luck!
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Good luck with the bar exam. I'm sure we'll see you back here in the future when it comes time to spend your lawyers' salary ;p
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good luck! test early, test often!
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