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Good Bye.

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It's been a couple years, I was actually here in the beginning in 2002-- but I am calling it quits for SF.

The bar exam is coming up this summer as well as some other projects that I have on the horizon-- the reality is that I would like to devote my time to that stuff and honestly I think it would be better if I cut ties with SF for the time being.

I am sure I will still lurk occassionally and I wouldn't be surprised if I find myself back on here in six months or a year, but at least for now I think I need to formally say that I will be leaving. I've found lately I am reading less and less about clothes and "learning" a lot less and engaging in a lot more pointless arguments over things that press my political buttons, or get my BS radar up, but ultimately are a waste of time.

I want to say thanks to a lot of you: J, Brian, LAG, Globetrotter, Jon/Image, Mr. Checks, Koji, VM, Bengal-Stripe, Ambulance Chaser, Steve B. and many others who I've talked with before and gotten advice from over the time I've read here.

Best of luck to everyone. It's been a pleasure to be a part of this community. To those of you I've talked with-- I am sure I'll have a chance to talk to you again some time soon.

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good luck. Just remember during the bar everyone else is as tense and scared as you are.
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Take it easy man, I wish you success on your exam, your career, and on great clothing investments.

Shoot me an IM some time.
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Good luck with everything, was good having you around.
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Good luck on the bar exam...

Do pop back and visit us once in a while!

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All the best - and remember if you are tense it is a good sign as it is something important to you. Best of luck for the bar.
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i know how you feel, best of luck
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good luck, and check bach here every now and again
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I'll miss your humor CT as well as our like-minded politics. Hope to see back around these parts soon.

Good luck on the bar.

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Best of luck, CT. This time of the year is stressful for many. I'll send lady luck to you when I'm writing my exams.
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We're gonna miss you, CTGuy.
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CT, really enjoyed your company. I hope to see you back here some time.
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Sorry to see you go but I know we're going to see you back eventually. So no goodbye, merely "Until next time!"
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best wishes mate, sure we will see you poke your head in from time to time and look forward to those visits. good luck with the bar Matt
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best of luck with everything CT, you will be missed.
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