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IIRC, someone mentioned a while back on a similar thread that he purchased small clips, and used those clips on a hanger bar or something, and just clipped the squares and allowed them to hang. Similar to how one would find squares displayed at a dept. store. In fact, I wonder if that small rotating rack with clips at a dept. would be available for purchase some where.
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Yes, I am also wondering where to purchase such a rack and clips.
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I can provide such racks and clips, if there are enough people interested.

The price would be approximately $55 for a metal revolving rack that will hold about 100 squares. I could also provide a wood stand base that would add about $20 to the price.

Let me know, and I can get this arranged. It really is a FAR better way to manage pocket squares (no more shuffling through disheveled drawers and stacks). The rack is approximately 18" high.

This is not in my line of typical business, but I'd be happy to help. My pocket square rack has really helped me to expand and utilize my ps wardrobe.
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would it be possible for you to post a pic of the type of rack you're contemplating procuring?
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Can you also procure the plastic clips used for price tags and UPCs that the department stores use? We're looking into retailing our squares in stores.
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I'll post some pics of the rack & clips shortly. I've never posted pics of anything on a forum, and it appears I must establish a picture host, first.
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Here is a rendering of the clips...

...and the revolving portion of the rack. I can obtain various metal or wood bases.

Hope this helps. Thanks for your patience--I am a bit new to posting.
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I stack them unfolded in a drawer
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Fold & Stack- but it's a pain riffling through them to find the right one when you have a lot.

Yeah, I fold and stack. The cotton and linen squares sit on the top, and the silk underneath. I prefer cotton and linen, and wear those squares the most. Particularly stunning combinations are left in the breast pockets of sportcoats.
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the rack would be interesting as a concept . . . . .
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I just throw my silks in a drawer. They don't get wrinkled but it's time consuming to find a particular square.
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Originally Posted by DrCool1978 View Post
I stack them unfolded in a drawer
I had a thought the other day that they should be in kind of binder to keep them unfolded and so you could flip through them quickly. I'm not sure where one would find a 16x16 binder, nor how the squares would be put in it...
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I just fold and stuff them into a plastic Ziploc.
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To lock in the freshness.
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I use a little bit of sprezzatura and throw them wholly half-heartedly into a random drawer.
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