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Can anyone comment on the quality of the clothing sold at Structure/Express for Men?  It seems to be around Banana Republic level.
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hmmm....i would say Banana Republic is much better than structure. BR has more high-style fashion clothing, you can get a respectable cotton summer suit made in italy, leather and suede jackets, irish linen shirts, etc. structure is more of a discounted/ lower price store, lots of cotton pants, pullover shirts, etc.
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Well, Structure is now officially Express for Men, and they are more of a low "high" grade clothing store. Their clothing, contrary to snobbish belief, are not horribly made but they are, as mentioned previously, not Zegna or D&G. I wear express only for very casual dress occasions like when I am out doing some activity (not involving looking my absolute best) for a long period of time. These sort of activities would include just a regular day out with my girlfriend, practice for a professional drama production company I am in, or just an Olive garden "family get-together." So, in short, I would only wear their casual line and go with much nicer and better made Semi-casual and Dress wear from names such as Zegna, Cassini, D&G, Meriot, Armani (not exchange), and Bissoni (black label).
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I don't think that the quality of the Express for Men line is on par with say, Banana Republic or Armani Exchange, neither in terms of materials nor workmanship. That said, I think that it Express for men measures up pretty well when compared to other retailers at similar pricepoints such as the Gap or Anchor Blue. Their style I find to be pretty generic: sportshirts in traditional and not particularly inspired colors and cuts, chinos, etc... When is H&M going to come to the West Coast and show mass-market retailers that inexpensive doesn't have to mean boring?
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Hmm. I bought a pair of trousers once at Structure when I was a frosh in college, drawstring cords called "X-pants" or something like that, and a shirt. I don't think they lasted more than three washings. Since then, I don't think I've been into the store.... Peace, JG
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I think I agree with everyone here. Structure isn't a brand to be looked down upon by any means. Actually your average American dresses well below the Structure line. As far as quality and how long their clothing lasts...I put them above Gap, AE, and even DKNY. In my book they're just a step below Banana Republic and Kenneth Cole. In fact a huge part of my wardrobe is Structure clothing (partly because it has outlasted almost everything else).
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I would agree with the above post. Considering that most of the American public is content with Old Navy I would hold Structure (Express) to a higer standered then that of which you seem to want to give it. They make comfotable, quality, clothing for casual attire. Lord knows we don't need to dress in our best on the weekend.
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