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Need overall wardrobe help!

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Hey everyone, I'm a bit new to haute couture but I'm pretty young (18) so I guess that's alright. Anyway, my question is this: What's the best way to dress in order to maximize my features? I'm a very unusual build: 6 foot 6, 250lbs, athletic, blonde hair, blue eyes, fair skin. I enjoy the trendy urban look (eg.Diesel, Energie, PDC, Dolce and Gabbana, etc.), but also enjoy the the classics when dressing up (Zegna, Armani, Burberry, Prada, etc.). Although I have a moderate income considering that I'm still a student, I enjoy the "finer things in life" and am willing to pay the $250 for the newest Energie's if need be. So with all of this taken into consideration, how should I go about building my wardrobe and what do I need for the absolute necessities keeping in mind that I spend most of my days dressed casually. Currently I own a few pairs of really nice jeans (diesel ravix/energie new morrison), a seemingly endless supply of diesel tops (t's/long sleeves/sweaters), a few lacoste polo shirts (long sleeve), a few dress shirts (not too nice though) and a few low end ties (tommy/dkny/polo,etc.) The rest of my wardrobe needs a severe update. I know this has been a long post guys but thanks in advance.
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Make sure you dress for your body type. You sound like a big guy, so don't wear things like low rise jeans or clothes made for skinny guys (think Hedi Slimane/Dior Homme). To be frank, Energie jeans are cut almost exclusively for thin to medium built men so you may want to rethink them before you get a pair. Simply put - if you have a large waist, or a big gut (as apparently 61% of the adults in America have), dress for your body type, not the body type of most male models. If you are a big guy, don't try to hard to look hip - it rarely works. Stay stylish, yes, but stay subtle.
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Personaly I would shy away from Diesel and other fitted clothing. This is simply because your build, as you described it in the fitness section, is not exactly complementary. Do not take this the wrong way; simply look at it as a bit of constructive criticism. Relaxed fitting clothing will make you look more proportionate. [you were complaining about small arms] as for labels, it is your choice, just remember they are only labels and often, nothing more. jS.
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