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Album Art

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Did styleforum have a thread on this already? What are your favorite album covers? For whatever reason - favorite album, ridiculousness, great art, etc.

Inspired by talk of Herb Alpert's Tijuana Brass -- Whipped Cream and Other Delights

Elvis Costello -- This Year's Model. There are two versions of this, this is the one I have, for whatever reason; I prefer it to the version where his face is more visible.

The Clash - London Calling. The only album cover that matters.

Chevy Chase -- Chevy Chase. Just for fun.

Dee Dee King (nee Ramone). Pop culture artifact. Cool, ludicrous, and sad all at once.

Your favorites?
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I saw this Tony Hawk game when visiting the store with some younger cow-orkers over lunch. I was the only one who got the reference. Very saddening:

Some of my personal favorites include:

New Order's Power, Corruption & Lies which includes a secret color code:

Disraeli Gears, just because:

For whatever reason, this cover has always worked for me:
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Need to find an image of the back cover to complete this. Only one I could find and the album is too large to fit on my scanner...
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Originally Posted by trogdor

Oh yeah, Aphex Twin!!! Love his album art (and the videos, the Windowlicker one is incredibly entertaining).
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This looks better printed on cardboard, but whatevs:

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This art was way better in original, LP release. The album cover was breathtaking.

Ohio Players also had some tasty art. I'll have to dig around for examples.
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Cheesy album art, worse music:

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Possibly both the best album title and best cover art:

And we can't forget this one:

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The Ohio Players, all albums, clean and ahead of their time.
And the Black Crowes get my vote, but not into the band.
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Thanks for digging up the OP covers. Fire was a dandy!
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hmmm... never heard blind faith, but always loved this cover. it makes me feel funny:

this brazil 66 record cover is amazing on the original gatefold, you fold it out and find that the "hill" in question is a breast:

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