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ankle boots.

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Should a man own a nice pair of ankle boots? If so, why?

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Because there's only one answer to the question, "what's sexier, leather or sock?"
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Sleek. Intimidating. Yes.
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Yup! I own several. Also a beat up pair is great as a throwback to the beat /psychadelic generation. Hep cat.
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I own ankle boots in black by Lobb, in brown by Zegna Fatte a Mano and they are my prefered footwear with jeans. Women have complimented as the look is a nice balance between a confident, rugged look yet still refined.

Highly recommended and preferred.
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I like ankle boots, and wear them with suits.
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I'll second the compliments aspect. They'll set you apart, but not in some garish attention-whore sort of way.
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Of course. They can look sleek and elegant (and different without being showy).
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Originally Posted by globetrotter
I like ankle boots, and wear them with suits.

I've done this too, for casual occasions. But what I like best about them is how versatile they are.
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I own only one pair of chelsea boots and I'm surprised by how often I wear them (it seems like 3 times a week). They've become go-to shoes and now I need more.
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i love anything like these: click! its just that the colour of them makes them a little more casual. i also think some of the D&G and Dsquared boots look good
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are you the shooman?
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you inspired me to a very cool nickname

actually i am the (wait for it)


it wasnt that funny after i typed it
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My $.02 (and that's about all it's worth):

Chukkas? Yes, love 'em! Chelseas? Yes, but I've never owned any. Jodpurs, maybe. Others, perhaps, but probably not. I know that some of the shoe mavens of these fora do like ankle-high lace-ups with "dress shoe" styling and construction, but they're not my taste. Such footgear impressed me as "retro" and "old-mannish" back when I first began to take an interest in such matters about 50 years ago, and I've never seen fit to change my opinion in the passage of a half-century.

Ankle-high laceup boots are fine in the role of outdoor boots or work boots, of course.
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