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I am not big into that "thing" you have on that lapel. Love the sportscoat, but the chest/waist line of the coat is not as clean as it should look IMO.

I would wear dk brown shoes if you are not going to wear black pants.
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Thanks for all the comments. Good to hear that this combo is good and not bad, just in general.

To address some questions:

1. I am color blind, but it's a matter of telling what color is what, rather than seeing the same color consistently. For example, what I think of as "red" isn't what everyone else sees as red, but if I saw the same color twice in different places, I'd be able to recall that they are the same.

2. The shirt is RL blue label Palmer in 140s. It's actually the highest end right before RLPL. It has MOP, solid heavier plastic stays, and an excellent fabric.

3. The jacket is an Oxxford Gibbons in summerweight cashmere with a very fine white windowpane on sky or baby blue (I see it as sky blue, others see it as baby blue; all I know that it's like an easter egg). I saw it, and I just fell in love. The best part is that it was labeled $3000 (from quite a few seasons ago), and I got it at a liquidator for a handsome price of $360. I bought it last August, and I've been waiting almost 8 months to finally wear it. Easter was a fitting occasion, I thought. I do find it slightly long, but not long enough to get it tailored and possibly change it. As for the open quarters, some of it may be due to my, um... junk in the trunk. Although I think Gibbons is definitely more open than other Oxxford models.

4. Shoes are chestnut antique from C&J Belgraves. The lighting wasn't the best; it's much lighter in sunlight.

Thanks everyone for the input! I'll probably wear it quite a bit with other combinations. My goal is to be dressed perfectly well every time, by the time I turn 30. So I have 3.5 more years to go...
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One other minor detail is the lack of cuff showing. One side might be showing a little less due to posture.
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I like it. How would a pair of pants in a shade of gray (lighter to medium) look with the rest of the outfit?
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