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Things I like.

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Ray-ban wayfarers are well-made and classic:

I like the old ones without the logo temples.

Filson bags are what everyone else is imitating:

I'm a fan of their small briefcase, but I can't find a decent picture of one in otter green.

Mad hot dunks, yo:

Just kidding.

Levi's 501s are the best jeans, period. Get shrink-to-fit and they'll fit you perfectly:

Check that booty. Yeah.

'Course you gotta let 'em know your name:

Oh so fly, don't you agree? Get it in rhinestone.

Every man should own a black velvet blazer:

Mine has notch lapels, 2 buttons, and a double vent. It's Yves Saint Laurent and I got it for $20 at the used clothing store.

Bow ties are totally going to make a huge comeback really soon. Big Boi can only rap about something for so long before it becomes massively popular:

Beau Ties of Vermont brings the hott paisleys. Act like you know.

The cricket sweater: for when you absolutely, positively must have the hugest V neck ever. Observe:

Diesel aviator glasses:

OK, I lied. I actually sort of hate those glasses. I found them on the floor in the subway and popped one of the lenses back in. But my halloween costume was cool. I was the future.

These shoes rule. I wish I could bring myself to spend $94 on them:

Bullet cufflinks: keeping it gully on first class:

Spread collars:

They look good with a tie. They look even better without one. Just do it.

Every man should own a pair of ridiculous high tops, preferably white. You might not ever wear them, but they're good to have if you ever get served and have to serve them back:

One-sided pleated shirt. I was checking out Dior and looking for something to copy. This is sweet. Time to bust out the sewing machine:

An Education:

Because smart=sexy.

That's about it for now. Let it not be said that I am a hater or a troll.
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Good thread
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At first glance, I actually thought was from a Diesel ad.
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Velvet blazers are too "scene kid". I like my cashmere one though.
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You're a really shitty troll.
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Originally Posted by minya
You're a really shitty troll.
No, he's a really, really, really shitty troll.
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I disagree whole-heartedly with the black velvet blazer. It just screams "try-hard" to me, don't know why. Most likely because I associate it with the few people I've seen cruising around in one who are just the worst sheep/scenesters I've seen and carry this absurd attitude around with them.

I'm sure that you make it look good, but I carry an inherently unfair bias
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Brown paper packages tied up with string did NOT make the list...
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I get extremely looked down upon by my male friends when I wear velvet blazer. Wtf, yo. Anyone where to get them Golas in T dot?
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Hit zappos for the shoes. The key to wearing anything is attitude. Your male friends are just jealous that you get all the ladies (or the boys, if that's your thing) with your velvet jacket. Today's covetable item: The woofer. Bonus: Ray ban drifters.
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Originally Posted by Max
Bonus: Ray ban drifters.

I have these. They weigh about 3 lbs (thick glass lenses and thick plastic frames). I like them because they are absurd, but they don't look very good on me.
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Wayfarers look gigantic on my long, thin face. Rocked them freshman year at college. Should not have.
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wayfarers are classic but I think they still have "Risky Business" stigma on 'em

i like:

Fred Perry polo, preferably made in UK (fits better, made better). THE skinhead/mod classic

Ben Sherman s/s button down, again the made in UK shirts are far superior than ones you get in USA and the buttondown collar is "correct", unlike US models.

Adidas saigon (Japan) fave Adidas "originals" re-issue

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Single pleat pants are pretty fresh. I'm also looking for a double breasted lightweight khaki raincoat.
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