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Originally Posted by A Y View Post
Most aero designs for road cars are trying to minimize lift or reducing wind noise. The Ferraris are actually generating real, usable downforce, so the shaping is quite a bit more pronounced, but I agree that the 458 shape isn't totally all about the aero.

Even when working in a pure form-follows function mode, car design can vary quite a bit, as Formula 1 shows. The Red Bull cars this past season were probably the best-looking cars of the lot.

The F1 road car is very attractive, and it's kind of the elephant in the room, since Murray designed that car inside out, and it's one of the great examples of form-follows-function. It also shows the sad, wide gulf between car design as how it is, and how it could be.


But the F1 is the F1. Even the new McLaren MP4-12C road car isn't going to be as amazing as the F1.
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Originally Posted by dhaller View Post
The problem with the 458's shape is that it isn't "designed" so much as it's "calculated" - it's more a nod to physics (or at least aerodynamics) than to Pininfarina tradition. Now, that itself is pretty cool (science run amok usually is) and should appeal to lovers of extremes, but there is something essentially un-Italian about such an approach.

It's certainly not "ugly", but it IS an example of form following function, and I think the eye grabs that fact - it's not beautiful because it's an engineer's car, not an artisan's.

That said, I suspect the car will grow on people, especially as other makers (inevitably) begin using airflow models and aerodynamic optimization to "design" car bodies in future: eyes will be trained, eventually.

I think it's the kind of car I'd definitely want IF I had more than one high performance car in my stable; if I could only have one, though, the choice would be guided more by emotion than "the numbers", and I don't think the 458 would be it.


Excellent post,

I think the best looking modern Ferrari was the 355 and the Challenge Stradale would be my second,to me it was better than the 430 or scuderia IMHO

F-50 has its sweet spot as well.

But as a Tifosi i love them all, however, this really is to the eye the "ugliest" Ferrari (except the mondial) but I'm sure its a wonder to drive
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Top Gear magazine named it car of the year. They praised it to high heaven. I just wish the front end wasn't so hideous.
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