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How hard is it to adjust sleeves on a dress shirt?

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I got a ton of zegna dress shirts off of bluefly recently. They fit pretty well around the body, the neck is perfect, the sleeves are the right length, but the cuffs on the french cuff shirts i bought are a little loose. I'd also like to get rid of a bit of extra fabric in the sleeves of the other shirts and have the torso tapered a bit more for a closer fit. i have no clue how much this sorta thing will cost me as the place where I do 95% of my shopping does any alterations for free, no matter how many times I need the same garment altered heh.
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Not hard at all, as long as you're shortening. Lengthening is a whole other proposition, as I'm sure you know, it's impossible to grow material where it's been cut :-) New and Lingwood are smart, they tuck in a small bit of extra material into their shirt sleeves, so you can let it out and gain an extra inch. Last time I got a shirt shortened, it cost me $10 plus tax.
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You are asking for a lot. Shortening the sleeves of a shirt is no problem: they take off the cuff (and hopefully the placket as well) and move it further back. Changing the shape of the cuff (the buttonholes are cut in already, you can no longer turn it inside out) is not possible. Changing the shape of the shirt (narrow sleeves or narrow body) is a very tricky job and involves a lot of work. A good quality shirt is sewn with either single or double needle flat felled seams. That seam tucks all the raw edges inside, to facilitate multiple washings and ironings. I do not think you will find a seamstress who is willing to undertake that job; alternatively the cost would be prohibitive. You probably better off returning the shirts and asking for a refund or credit. Find a make of shirt you like the fit of and stick to this brand. What about having your shirts made to measure?
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Actually the shirts fit well so I won't bother returning them. Normally I wouldn't do too much shopping on the net cause I am kinda skinny and I never know how things will fit. I did know how zegna dress shirts fit beforehand however and there were a bunch in my size for $34-69 per shirt so I ordered all of them heh. The worst fitting of the lot (they were all the same size) is the one with the french cuffs since it's looser around the wrist than the ones with regular cuffs. Doubt anyone but me would notice though, I tend to be a bit anal. I hadn't even thought about the button holes or I wouldn't have posted ;p Seems like a dumb question now heh. Oh what they did for the zegna shirts I bought at my usual store was darting (i think this is the correct term) through the body. The way they did it (i think) is make a 2 new seams that extend all the way down the back of the shirt. Normally, on an un-altered shirt, there would be a pleat where each of the seams start.
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Related Question: What brand of shirts do you recommend having a more slender cut?
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Italian:Borrelli, Brioni, Maffeis, Zegna, Attolini, Isaia, Kiton. English: Hilditch and Key American: Ralph Lauren Purple Label (not sure who makes their shirts).
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