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Ibanez RGT Electric Guitar

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Hey there, I'm selling this Ibanez RGT42FmDr Model guitar.

For those of you that are interested in what that model number means, I'll break it down; Rg stands for the model of the guitar, T for the fact it is neck through (the neck goes through the guitar as opposed to bolted on), 42 another model number, Fm stands for flame maple (the wood used on the top of the body), and Dr for Dark Red the color.

Anyway I'm selling it because it's not getting much use from me at the moment. I have a new baby, a Gibson Robot Sg in Silverburst.

I've uprgraded the electronics on this guitar with better pots and Seymour Duncan Pickups (Jazz in the Neck, Jb in the bridge).

It's a great guitar all around. I'm selling it for $450 plus shipping. That seems like a fair deal to me as the guitar originally was valued at about 650, the pickups and electronics on the guitar are an added 200, and the case (a coffin case) is worth about 100 alone. It also comes with strap locks, though i haven't installed them yet!

Pm me if interested.

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Originally Posted by Toiletduck View Post

thank you!

I've added better pictures (removed the fuzzy iphone one's).

Dropping the price to $400 plus shipping. I think that's a pretty damn good deal. The cheaper version of this guitar (with no upgrades) costs 450 used at most guitar stores. I just need some other guitar equipment, gotta move what I don't get to use! Too many guitars! :/

You styleforum guys seem to be interested in guitars! C'mon :P
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