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also check out St. Geneve company selling through smaller stores that I've found, amazing bed linens and down duvets, expensive but worth it and on a par with sferra etc. But Italian linens made in Canada.
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Originally Posted by Roy View Post
I started preparations for my online linenshop. Would anybody be interested in an application that allows you choose from 300TC/600TC , 11 base colors, 36 patterns, en 36 colors to create the patterns. You could even use your own texts:

In this one you could have your own initials in sort of an abstract way, the example spells SH

Looks very good.
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FWIW, C21 has a few sets of deadstock Mitchell Gold + Bob Williams 600tc sheets in queen and king size (Chinese made) at super discount. MSRP >600 ---> $55-60 after tax.
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I've purchased natural linen sheet set from this store owner years ago and I am still enjoying it 9 years later. Superb linen made from French flax, medium weight, soft, pleasant to the touch, highly recommended seller :

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The choice of bedding should always be approached carefully and thoroughly. After all, we sleep a third of life: D. For me it is always very difficult to find a suitable bedding. Linen that you can afford - isn't of high quality, and when quality is better - prise is too expensive. Where to you find a happy medium? 
I want to find something on jasminsilk, hope that the quality of clothes won't disappoint, the price seems to be acceptable. Did anyone buy HERE linen and can advise me?

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I just bought linens for two beds and two baths in my new apartment, totalling $4000 (everything included sheets, comforters, pillow cases, 4 types of towels x 6 sets, and custom cut bath mats) from Busatti. Getting them was challenging. I liked the product. I think the bath towels are the nicest I have owned or used. The sheets are the nicest I have owned but I am not sure my taste or experience is that refined. But I am convinced that toweling aside, having linens custom made from fabric you source either cotton or linen, is the way to go. You can specify everything, fabric, how elaborate the stitching, etc. In Philadelphia my designer has a seamstress he uses but I think most designers do. She made my curtains.

In general the practice of shopping for prestige brands is a defective one, because no matter how wonderful the brand it is too tempting for it to create lower end products that have greater value due to the brand. To find everything you need matching at reasonable price seems very difficult, especially if you have a need for everything at once as I did. The web site and book "Remodelista" lists sources for linen from which sheets can be made. If I had it to do over I would have gotten the best material I could afford and perhaps gone to Frette or Pourthault in NYC to see what sorts of finishing the best linens have, and specified that to a seamstress.
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Hello there! We are passionate about all natural linen flax from Europe. We custom make pure linen bedding, window treatments, linen towels, tablecloths, pillows, other home accessories and more...We source linen from Belgium and handcraft everything in NJ. Please visit us here:

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My favorite site to get quality bedding, cookware, High quality towels is they carry everything and I love the prices.

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Comfort always  comes first when choosing bed linen. High quality bed linen may bring you an excellent sleeping experience. ElleSilk's bed linen is made of 100% Mulberry silk. Here's the link:

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