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Zegna Soft

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Hi guys,

I am in hunt of my very first suit and it happens that there is a suit on eBay who would most likely fit me:


Now, I want to know it is a fake and if it is a good 'bang for your bucks'? I know that the Soft line is pretty much the cheaper Zegna stuff and doesn't have much handwork in it at all. Would it still be a good buy? How does the quality of Zegna Soft compares to some other brands like, say, Jack Victor?

Thanks a lot. Oh, and if you see a bargain in 36R, well, let me know as I am a sartorially challenged student craving for improvement.
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The label looks authentic, but it's an older model from probably more than 2-3 years ago. It's not a good bargain at $549 BIN though.
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Interesting. I've had some doubts about this eBay seller too. Darkoak is right on the money vis-a-vis the suit not being worth anywhere near the BIN price of $549. I've seen sartorial line Zegna new on eBay for less, and even the occasional Brioni. The "soft" Zegna line was the entry line for a number of years until it was dropped 2 or 3 years ago and was replaced with the Z-Zegna line, made in Mexico, as the entry-level product. I have two Zegna soft jackets, and both were made in Switzerland. They are fused, but otherwise the quality is very good. I kind of like that suit. To some extent, its value depends on the quality of wool in it, and there's no indication of that in the listing that I could see. So we could, perhaps, assume it's a standard serviceable 100s wool. In comparison with Jack Victor, I'd definitely take the Zegna. If you liked this suit, and everything were right (fit measurements, etc.), it would seem to me that if you could get it for somewhere in the neighborhood of $200-$250, it would be a pretty good buy for a NWT, albeit fused, suit of this quality.
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