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Originally Posted by comrade View Post
Not true. I have several pairs of quite slim, double inward-facing pleated pants
with very low rise purchased in Paris in the '80s, or at the late-lamented Andre
Oliver in New York, imported from France. Later I purchased dress slacks, also
from Paris with a somewhat fuller leg, but double-pleated and low rise. These from
Arthur et Fox which has received excellent reviews in this forum. Finally,
a pair of flannels from the now-defunct San Francisco branch of Swaine Adney,
also short rise and double pleated and quite slim

I omitted two pairs, one dress, one linen-like casual slacks,
made bespoke for me in San Francisco by Heinz, a now-retired
tailor who was upstairs on Third and Market.
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A single pleat could work, but only a single pleat.
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Originally Posted by pocketsquareguy View Post
Slim pants with pleats are pulled open. They don't have the natural drape intended for pleats. They don't work because they don't look properly fitted.

If you buy the correct size trousers the pleats do not pull open. The fact that flat fronts allow one to squeeze more of his fat ass into them before they exhibit signs of ill fit does not mean you are buying the right size.
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Bumping this old thread as I am interested in finding some slim fit  RTW pleated pants. 

I've seen many examples lately, all bespoke. 


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Take a look at Burberry Prosum. They some that are pleated and slim.
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