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Trepanier wins Esquire's Best Dressed Real Man contest - Page 3

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Dan was creative and his look translated better to the real world. I don't take style tips from Foo. I did download the large versions of every one of Dan's pictures (no homo). And Foo looked like a puppet on the TV. Still <3 though.
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Ufff .... after seeing that, it seems that there are no winners in such a competition.
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I like the collective sore loser attitude here.
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Originally Posted by JT82 View Post


That was amazing.
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Originally Posted by unjung View Post
And Foo looked like a puppet on the TV.
LOL. I thought his head movements and lack of any facial expression whatsoever were priceless.
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Really? I saw a flash of a smirk. If anything, Foo was the least poser-ish of the lot. This thing could have been a lot more interesting if they gave the dudes a chance to talk about their clothes rather than have the two presenters harp on mindlessly. Also, if I was on that thing, I would grin my biggest asian slanty eye grin and flash V signs like my life depended on it.
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So what was the "lougning" outfit for after all?
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I thought it was kind of mean to ask the youngest guy about his style and then mention his suit was from eBay. TV just confirmed and exaggerated what I figured from the online pictures.

Other that, we knew this outcome.
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I wonder if Dan T can button that jacket. It's really bothering me now.
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Thanks for the link. Good stuff.
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Felt bad for that dude as well. Also interesting how reticent he and the winner were when asked their inspiration. You know they both have very well articulated reasons for dressing how they do, but who wants to talk about it?

foo looked good, and wasn't the even shortest guy there.

I know we're on the backlash to the backlash to the backlash on Dan's style, but he just looked like a J crew or RL catalog. Rugby over a tie under a jacket? That's creative? That was just Abercrombie merchandising's way of getting as many pieces as possible on one mannequin.
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I think Dan T. has the image and style most Americans would accept as well dressed and stylish. I prefer Foo's outfit/style out of all of them (and within this forum too). However, I do realize that many people might describe his style as stuffy, old man or classic (nice way of saying old). Dan looks very "fashionable". He's styled like a magazine editorial or a mannequin in a department stores designer section, which I don't mean as an insult. I think people don't give enough credit for what it take to put looks like this together. In any case as others have said, there really isn't a winner in a competition offering a $10k Kenneth Cole wardrobe.

Note: I don't think Kenneth Cole is the equivalent of a fashion trash bag (I own a great down jacket that turns into vest with zip off sleeves), but I think for many on here a KC suit is a huge downgrade.
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Im sorry but am i the only one thinking Foo's look doesn't translate well to TV? I thought he just looked like Brains from Thunderbirds .......
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From the screen shot alone, Ontario Armstrong had the best look and was the most at ease on the broadcast. Still, Dan T. had some great combos that appealed to the eds of Esquire.
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