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An offer you can't refuse

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Alright, fellas. I'm planning on making a real deal mob film with a group of my friends for a project in English. Here's the deal. Right away, what screams "Mobster" to you? I mean suit- wise. Earlier in the year, a few of my friends and I made a redux of a Poe story in an Italian like way and I wore my pinstripe suit and my tux for a couple of the scenes. Basically, I want to know anything else (accessories, suits, shirt colors, etc.) that makes you think of Organized Crime (charming eh?) All responses are appreciated. Right now, my best choices are my navy pinstripe, grey, and tux. -CWS
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I love "The Godfather" and the entire Saga about organized crime. What you need: Cigars. Stacks of Money. White + Black Hats. Plain Ties (white, black, or silver). Don't break Omerta....
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It depends whether you mean glamourous movie mobster or cheesy real mobster. If the latter, look to Donnie Brasco and Carlito's Way (at the Italians) for style cues. If the former, look to the Godfather, Casino, etc. Goodfellas is somewhere in between. A couple of off the cuff ideas: Michael Corleone's blue-gray Shantung silk suit in the Lake Tahoe scene with Senator Geary in GF part II, and of course those bizarre shirts in Goodfellas with the collars whose points are so long they cover the knot of the tie. By the way, Brioni made all of John Gotti's suits, that is before he got stuck wearing bright orange all the time.
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Nothing says mob'ish gangster thug like a brown spooner hat, a two-button double brested beige suit with waist-tapered slacks, wing-tips, and a bow-tie.
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You HAVE to have a pinky ring and a bad New Jersey Accent.
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Definitely a double breasted, navy pinstripe (the wide one) suit with a brim hat.
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Thanks everybody. I'll definitely be incorporating your advice into the script. Oh and don't worry about the rings. I've got that covered. I'm gonna find a few cheap silver rings at AE and Buckle and all that. Good stuff. Thanks again. -CWS
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Don't forget pocket squares.
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Like j said, it really depends on what you are looking for: Sopranos, Donnie Brasco, Scarface (Cuban, but whatever, Pacino is not), The Godfather, or something else.

On the Godfather side of the spectrum, think Italian suits, but just a too theatrical to pass muster with Beau Brummell. Think of someone who came into money but who wants to be a senator, or a congressman, or something like that, as Don Corleone points out, but can't quite make the jump. Sharkskin suits. Chalkstripes. Pinstripes will do in a pinch. Consider getting some shirts with longer pointed collars as well. These would be under the suit, so would not need to be particularly high end. Accessories like tie pins and cufflinks. Bold, but not outrageous colors.

On the Sopranos side, bling is key. The clothes themselves are expensive and gaudy, or cheap and gaudy. Silk tracksuits. Shirts in materials like satin and silk, in oversaturated colors like the wine that Paulie Walnuts is fond of. Or a Tommy Bahama shirt under a Vestimenta suit (mentioned by name in at least one episode) - i.e. elements of respectable middle class life that just aren't put together quite right.

I guess that that is the underlying theme of a lot of mob films - outsiders trying to break into society, and not quite making it (but causing lots of havoc in the process.)
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Yeah, as everyone has said, depends what era / style of mobster you're after. If you're after classic 50s gangster, you need suspenders, violin cases, those metal arm strap spring things (I dunno what they're called), fedoras, pinstripe suits and black+white wingtip shoes. If you're after modern organized crime, I guess that depends on the race of people predominantly represented. If it's an Italian families style, then grubby singlets in blue and white worn casually around the house, Adidas tracksuits, black suits, black shirts, black ties, etc. I wish I was in New Orleans, I'd come help you out!
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Which Era?

BTW not all mob guys are as decsribed here, whats described here is more of a wanna-be mob type.
John Gotti ruined the mob.

I'll give you some examples of Real Gangsters, who were successful, at the peak of the mafia's existance, which was roughly the mid 70's in my opinion.

Anothy Senter:

Described by albert demeo as such:
"Everything on his body was expensive, from the Italian leather slip ons, to the tailor-made slacks, to the Rolex and large diamond ring on his pinky finger. He also always had a gold chain around his neck, a crucifix tangled in his chest hair."

Joey Testa (left) along side Roy Demeo (Right)

Roy's way of dressing was described pretty well in his sons book,
He was typically dressed in Sportcoats and slacks.
Wore Italian shoes.
Shirts with French cuffs
Diamond Pinky Ring
Platinum Watch with a Diamond Bezel.

here he is in another picture

one of the most Notorious of his time, he made roughly $100,000 per day in illegal money at the height of his mafia career.

Anthony Gaggi

typically wore Bespoke suits
Always wore dark sunglasses.
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To me, one thing that always SCREAMS mobster (60's - 70's era) is the long pointy collar that practically covers the knot. see: Ray Liota, Paul Sorvino, and Joe Pesci below.

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very bold pinstripes that scream gangsters
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a 6+ year old thread revived... is that the official record?
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Originally Posted by gdl203 View Post
a 6+ year old thread revived... is that the official record?

I believe so.
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