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Free E-File Options for Taxes?

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Hey guys,

I've gotta get my taxes in soon, and wanted to do it online (e-file). Anyone have any suggestions for sites that offer free online filing services? I need to file both Federal and State.
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I think you could only efile for free up until a couple months ago, or something. I could very well be wrong, though, so if I am, please let me know. I have to file mine as well and was just planning on getting to the post office on Monday.
post #3 of 4 I tried to use TurboTax (second link) first and they wanted me to pay. Then I went to the first link and paid but it was relatively inexpensive. After not completing my taxes on TurboTax (and logging out), they started sending me emails to complete my taxes for free on their site. Go figure. TurboTax was VERY easy. I couldn't file for free as I had to use the 1040A form and I think one always has to pay for the state tax to be completed online. The total came to around $20 on for both. As I said before, TurboTax was initially more expensive but I didn't complete my taxes on there and logged out. Then, they offered the discount... I got my refund approx. 8 days later. And, yes, I bought some clothing...
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Disclosure: I work part time for a national tax preparation service

Free e-filing is typically only available to people who make less than $25,000 on selected websites. In order to do it, you need to be able to file a 1040EZ or a 1040A generally, the long form will cost you more.

My suggestion: if your tax situation is fairly simple, buy a basic copy of TaxCut software for less than $10.00 and follow the instructions. E-filing is about $16.00 and you'll get your refund back in about two weeks with direct deposit.

For more complicated stuff (self employment, rental income, railroad taxes) buy a more advanced software package.
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