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Dry cleaning labels

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I just bought a used shirt off ebay, and while it's in great condition, it has a dry cleaning label with the previous owner's name attached around the bottom of the shirt. It's not stamped on in ink, but it seems to be some very strong adhesive (ironed on , perhaps?), and after a half hour at peeling away on it, I've barely made a dent. The label really annoys me, so I was wondering if there were any quick way to get rid of it without damaging the shirt.
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Just go back the same way the label has been attached: definitely with heat and probably with steam as well. Put a damp cloth over the label, plunge hot iron on top and let lots and lots of steam develop. Remove cloth and peel label off while still hot and moist. Should work.
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Ayboys: Bengal-Stripe knows his stuff, but on the rare chance that it doesn't come off with steam, try "Goo Gone", an adhesive removal product. It's available at most drug, grocery and hardware stores. Andy
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