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Quick Question

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Is it possible to complete 45 credit hours a year?
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Yes, if you're willing to overload on both ends and run classes through the summer, have a 1600 SAT, are taking liberal arts classes, OR if you don't really care about anything but getting out of college as fast as possible -- not your health, sanity, or leisure. No, if you can't agree with all of the former. 45 credit hours of what? Not all credits are the same. Regards, Huntsman
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Thanks, thats what I figured.
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Are you talking about quarters or semesters? We're on quarters and I've taken at least that every year. And I'm still going to be in for most of a fifth year (my major is applied physics).
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Maybe you could make it with GenEd, Comms, basic business courses et.c. (and possibly some social science and psychology courses) but forget it with any engineering, physics or chem. courses (unless you are naturally talented - even then...). No use overworking yourself if you will a) not learn and b) get average grades. Mix and match instead with fewer credits. Edit: I agree with Huntsman
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Yes. I spent the last 4 years doing 60 credits/year. YOU CAN DO IT!
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