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I'm doing my due diligence in preparation of placing an order with Jantzen. I'm curious if anyone here has taken a picture of a shirt they thought fill well, used arrows overlayed onto the pics, and told Jantzen the measurements of various parts of the shirt that way - so he has a visual aid (I know as a tailor he really doesn't need it - but I probably do, just to cut down on any mistakes I make with the terminology and conveying what I want to him). Basically I have this pretty sick Duncan Quinn shirt that I love. It has a great fit that I would make minimal adjustments to. I would like to see if Jantzen can make variations of the shirt using his material. I couldn't afford buying say a white and black DQ at $250 a pop. Sending the shirt to him to replicate is not something I really want to do for fear of losing it and the fact I would be making some changes to certain parts of the shirt.