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CT Cufflinks

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I've been meaning to complain about this for a while. Do not buy these cufflinks:

I like the combination of onyx and MOP, and I even bought the matching studs. However, the cufflinks suck. They will not fit through any of my shirts' cuffs. I own four tuxedo shirts, and the cufflinks are too big to fit through any of them. They also won't fit through several other shirts' cuffs that I've tried. I've tried to force the cufflinks through my cuffs, but they end up almost tearing the holes and stretching them out grotesquely. These cufflinks are worse than useless. It's like paying CT money to destroy your shirts' French cuffs.
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That's no good. Have you called them about a return? They seem very helpful on the phone. IIRC, they include a return postage label too.
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Unfortunately, I held onto them for a very long time prior to ever trying to wear them (hey, how often do YOU attend black-tie events?), so I couldn't return them. Plus, I had already thrown away the return postage label. I just wanted to warn others not to make the same mistake I did. They look very nice, sitting in that box in my nightstand, but they never get to see the light of day...
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Thanks for the heads-up... I was actually looking at those earlier.

(Wanna sell them for cheap?)
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I had the same experience with the pair of Ben Sliver cufflink. Enamelled beauties with the Four Vices (there are only four?). I couldn't push them through the holes and decided to return them.
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They probably only fit through CT cuffs.
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I was just thinking I have some really plain boring Snap-Link cufflinks that could be combined with those by a jeweler to make very useful and nice looking links...
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FWIW, I have vintage cufflinks that will not fit through some of my shirt cuffs as well. It's not a matter of poor quality, at least that specific issue. It would be a pain, though, if you had links for a special purpose such as that and they didn't work. Great excuse to buy more links!
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