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What do you think of this Charles Tyrwhitt shirt?

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HI all, I'm looking for a good quality, fitted, white spread collar/french cuffs dress shirt for use with my suits. There's no rush for me to get it, but since I saw this post on CT for 50% off I'm wondering if it's worth it (since this sale ends in a couple of days). If anyone can quickly entertain the question - what exactly is the difference between poplin and twill? I want a shirt that isn't so see through (if at all), more or less light weight, and remains crisp looking rather than "cottony", if you know what I mean. Is it worth the money compared to other RTW brands such as Brooks Brothers fitted, etc? I have a couple of BB fitted non-irons, but the problem is that the teflon coating (or whatever they use to make it non-iron) gives it the crisp, but heavy/thick look to it. Or should I just do the research and order from Jantzen's and see how things turn out?
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I own that exact shirt. It's not very fitted at really, and it's very thin (you can see your nipples in the wrong light). I'm not sure, but I think poplin is lightweight and twill is a little heavier, with a diagonal weave. Whatever you decide, don't let the end of the 50% off sale force you to move quickly. That sale goes on for 9 months out of the year it seems like. I would never buy anything from CT at full price, given how frequently they run 50% off sales.
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Here's Alex Kabbaz's excellent summary of shirtings:
Relevant quotes:

Twill is the weave type; Gabardine, Cavalry, and Herringbone just various manifestations thereof. A Twill is characterized by the weft (crosswise) yarns passing over multiple warp yarns and then under one warp yarn. The succeeding row does the same, but begins one warp yarn later, etc. This creates a pronounced diagonal rib effect ...

just what is a broadcloth or poplin? Quite simply, it is a Plain Weave. What is meant by a plain weave is that each weft yarn passes over one warp yarn, under one warp yarn, over one warp yarn, and so on until it reaches the other side of the cloth. It then returns to the staring side in exactly the same sequence, merely alternating by one the warp yarns which it goes under - over - under. ...
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thanks for your help guys!

Looks like I'll pass on this CT shirt.
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