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I just raided my linen closet and have some NWT items that I thought might be of some interest. I'm getting ready for a move and would prefer to not worry about hauling my "life of excess" with me.

For your consideration:
1) Frette Rigato Sara Duvet - King size, White, 300 TC. Please note that this is not from the lower-end "Hotel line". I can't even describe how nice this Frette stuff is. You might not think there would be that big of a difference between bedding but I guarantee you will not be able to go back to anything else after sleeping with these...and you will get many compliments from guests ; ) $160 shipped.

2) Lauren Spa bed throw/coverlet - King size, thick and textured and very soft and luxurious. Goes perfectly with the above Frette duvet. $60 shipped or with the Frette duvet above for $200 total.

3) Martha Stewart King pillows (set of 2) - $35 shipped with purchase of anything else in this post.

4) Frette Queen size flat sheet. I believe this is from the same line as above but I'm not sure. Either way, very soft and luxurious. $60 shipped.

5) And finally, some very nice "Christy" bath towels from Bloomingdale's "At Home Platinum Collection". I believe that this is their highest line but irregardless, these are the same towels that I use and they are very nice...soft, luxurious and absorbent. There are 2 colors: Tan (Wheat) and Brown (Plantation). $90 for a set of 2 each: Bath Sheets 64"X34", Bath Towels, Hand Towels and Wash Cloths...mix and match colors as you wish. I also have 2 extra Bath Sheets in each color that can be included for $10 each with purchase of a set. Or $200 for the lot.