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Lovage: "Music to Make Love to Your Old Lady By"

--"Barry White used to work. Shoot, even ABBA used to work the way I was doin my thing. But, man, you put this on: the hos just go wild."

--Prince Paul
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Check out new remixes of Herb Alpert and the Tijuana Brass. i.e. Lemon Tree remixed by Thievery Corporation.
Also check out Massive Attack.
My Life with the Thrill Kill Kult: Naked in the grass.
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Air - Moon Safari
Yes! Yes. Yes. yes. It's perfect. For after-the-fact, my very favorite is My Morning Jacket - At Dawn, or Sun Kil Moon - Ghosts of the Great Highway. I think the after music is just as important as the starting music. I used the Evens on myfirst date with my current gf. WOrked out really well. Never thought I'd be macking to Ian MacKaye. =)
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The music should be somewhat in the background, so limiting it to soft sounds is probably the best tactic. Romance, a CD in Spanish by crooner Luis Miguel seems to work very well. This is a collection of old boleros. They are real panty-droppers. If you can karaoke a few bars to her while sitting on the couch while having a nice drink, I guarantee you success. The Great American Songbook series by Rod Stewart contains other panty-dropping tunes, which don't require knowledge of a foreign language. M8
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How could I have forgotten "Don't Give Up On Me" by Solomon Burke?
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Bryan Ferry: Slave To Love
Cocteau Twins: Victorialand
Shivkumar Sharma: Raga Gorakh Kalyan
Roxy Music: Avalon
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Moon Safari is indeed the go-to record for time making. When "Sexy Boy" comes on, make sure to arch your back and one eyebrow, and writhe around in provocative poses. Lip synch if possible. Works every time.

designprofessor: I'll have to check that album out. Since I have a true bachelor pad, a copy of "Whipped Cream and other Delights" hangs on my wall.

Brian: I think Ian Mackaye started writing Evens songs in order to make out with the drummer.
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Oh yeah! Avalon! boy that brings back good memories.
That looks suspiciously like Mr. Ferry on your icon.
Cocteau Twins, early stuff, song called Hollow Men. I still have the song, as for the girl.........
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im most impressed by your use of plurals here. exactly how many ladies will be joining your night in?
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The Costes compilations. All seven albums, or as far as they've got now.
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Side one of Led Zepplin IV
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Piazzolla's Tango Zero Hour is lovely

and in the vein of another recommendation: Verve Remixed or the Hotel Costes mixes.

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The single from Black Flag: "Jealous Again" or the later song off the LP "Who's got the 10 1/2?" Both of those work everytime.....
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