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I just started playing poker about a month ago, on partypoker and at home with some friends, and I was wondering if anyone here plays. So far in my poker career I'm up about $500, mostly from my friends. I still have a lot to learn though so I've been trying to do some reading.

Also, does anyone have any other poker stories, strategies, bad beats, etc? Here's one of mine. I was playing with 5 other friends in a $20 buy in game and about halfway through I got dealt pocket kings, I went all in and got called by 1 guy. When we flipped the cards he showed me his pocket aces. The flop came AKx, which made my heart sink, I had only one card left in the deck that could help me. The turn was nothing important, then on the river I somehow hit my last king to give me the win, quad kings over his aces full.
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Poker's an honest trade. Only a fool bucks the tiger.

The best advice I've heard: After 15 minutes, if you don't know who the fish is at the table, you're it.
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I have a friend who's up $500 000, mostly on partypoker. He's going to be a junior in university next year.
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