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Puma Mongolian BBQ

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(I was going to cross-post this on Superfuture, but I guess that ain't happening for a few days at least...)

Puma's Mongolian shoe BBQ is going to be in Melbourne for the next six weeks. Anyone here ordered some shoes from the program?

If so, how'd they turn out? Was there a decent number of options? What kinds of materials are available? Got pictures?

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I did a little research on it a while ago, but decided not to do it. It's a little on the expensive side (for me at least), and you only have one shoe model to work with. I think Nike's, although you have fewer fabric options, is a little better, and starts much cheaper.
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Mongolian BBQ the food was invented in Taiwan half a century ago. The first makers served it under a bridge in Taipei.
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I designed two pairs last year and, depending upon the color/material selection, will do at least another pair if it comes to SF again. Since you're designing them in person, you can't visualize your work like Nike ID. I gathered all the pictures I could of finished shoes before my appointment (call to schedule).

They had a variety of patterns/colors. The material I have on my shoes are cloth, suede, leather, synthetic mesh, etc. You also get to choose from a variety of laces.

While I wish they had other shoe options, My only complaint is the white sponge mid-sole; I typically avoid shoes with this mid-sole since it is so so difficult to keep them from turning black. Additionally, designing a second pair was more challenging as my creativity waned. I should have scheduled the second pair another day. I'm happy with how both my shoes turned out and am glad to say they are quite comfortable.

I could've easily designed a smart (read: simple) shoe that would resemble a colorway Puma made themselves, but with all the options, why not make something funky? Here are the only pictures I can access at the moment:

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I would rock those so hard.
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I designed a pair, too. I didn't mix in as many different patterns as cielo did. Essentially I got pair of navy pinstripe sneakers with brown suede detailing, so it's still unique and something I wouldn't be able to get OTR. Sorry, I have no camera, but I think they go nicely with denim. Especially after dark, because I am not a fan of black sneakers (or any black for that matter) with denim. It's a fun process. You definitely need some patience to sort through the batches with swatches. If you want a particular piece in a particual material and you can't find it, you can ask the staff. They went through the material they had "backstage" for refills for me, and found me a piece or two that I couldn't find. I liked the fact that you could actually touch and see the material. I found it easier to visualize how they would go together than on a computer screen. Still, you have to apply some phantasy to imagine what the shoe will look like. I am happy with what I got. As mentioned there is only one shoe model, though. Also, and this I found rather surprising, they don't offer half sizes. I could deal with that in an non-athletic sneaker, but still found it somewhat disappointing in a "custom"-program.
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It was soo hard to decide what patterns I wanted, it gave me an enormous headache. I was going for something brightly colored but not an eyesore.
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It's really a terrible system compared to Nike and Converse. The fact that its only held in select cities versus online for everyone. Also, it's got to be somewhat hard to design them on the spot rather than experiment online and play with the colors.
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cielo those shoes are the shit. do they go well with a BAPE shark hoodie?

No really though, killaaa
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Found out via Slam X Hype that BBQ is up and running. I've been messing around with it right now and the options are endless. I'm sure I'll configure and buy a pair before the night is over.
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Holy shit that interface is hard to use. I'm not going to play Grabber just to configure a shoe.
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Originally Posted by Kent Wang
Holy shit that interface is hard to use. I'm not going to play Grabber just to configure a shoe.

God, you're right. Very irritating.
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Well, that was a bitch to make. Christ, Puma, take a page from Nike. Still, this is my bad boy:
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The thread title sounds delicious. The content, somewhat disappointing.
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I had my first Mongolian BBQ a couple of years ago in Michigan, it was deliciously awesome. Sounds like a good idea for shoes too. Anybody have an idea how their sizing is compared to New Balance or Nike? Or are they like the other Pumas?
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