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I like Hermes. But only those thick ones made of fat silk
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turnbull & asser
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Drakes, Dunhill, Hilditch and Key spring to mind because they are all bulky and produce a superb knot. I like big four in hand knots and can't understand the pipsqueaks that a lot of ties produce. At the end of the day alway tie the knot for real in the store and see if it produces the right sprezzatura.
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Funny how these ancient threads get revived. Looking back at my earlier post I mentioned having nine Canali ties. That was two years ago. Presently, I think the number is 25 or 26!
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I really like Nick Bronson knits.
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In no particular order:

Holliday & Brown
Giorgio Armani
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My favs are Canali, Zegna, Valentino, Boss, Armani and the Harry Rosen house brand.
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Originally Posted by audiophilia View Post
My favs are Canali, Zegna, Valentino, Boss, Armani and the Harry Rosen house brand.

I just picked up a Valentino. How do you all compare it, say, Canali or Boss?
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1. Sam Hober
2. Drake's
3. Battistoni and Barbera
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Asole e Bottoni
Ike Behar
Thomas Pink
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As far as consistently liking the designs of their ties, it's gotta be Zegna for me. However, I am partial to many other brands, but I usually only like a small percentage of their ties.
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While I'm not wild about most of their patterns (too granpda), I think Turnbull and Asser makes a beautifully constructed tie that ties a perfect four in hand not every time. I also like that their dimensions never change. I get tired of the likes of Ralph Lauren (the pioneer of the ultra wide tie in the 70's) who change widths every few years, probably just to boost tie sales. I was in their Madison Ave store this week and their ties have gone back to 1960's narrow widths. For me, the dimensions of the T&A ties are a timeless design that never goes out of style. The most overrated tie to me is Hermes. It's also hard to get a decent dimple/crease in them. They are so thin that they barely hold a knot and won't stay up against the collar. For that style of tie, I think Ferragamo does a much better job. No matter what brand of tie, it sort of pisses me off that the standard price for ties has gone up so much recently. I can understand that a tie with a complicated weave or construction (I'm thinking Charvet or T&A) can cost $150 or more, but now it seems that even unlined Rep ties at Barneys are selling for more than that! I forget the name, but there's tie-only store on Madison Ave in NYC that sells a huge variety of decent ties for something like $40-$60, depending on the fabric. For classic Rep ties, Ben Silver in Charleston makes a high quality product with a huge array of patterns. Brand not withstanding, I'd say that part of the decision depends on what lapel width you're wearing. To me, a wider lapel should go with a wider tie for proper balance.
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