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Best books on healthy eating?

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I try to live a healthy life (I enjoy it), love to exercise, eat right, etc. I'm 36, slim and fit but I would like to know about any recent good books on healthy eating best if connected to people into fitness.

After some research I found this one on Amazon:

Oppinions? Other suggestions? Thanks in advance for any tips.
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Keto isn't really a healthy diet. Its fantastic for dropping fat, but I wouldnt call it healthy...
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I haven't ever tried it, though I've dabbled with it for short periods of time. Seems like it would definitely do the trick if you stayed on it for the recommended period of time.

Back on topic, I would get Muscle Chow. Fantastic book. Guy used to have a recipe in each issue of Men's Health. These are simple meals that don't skimp on flavor nor presentation. Cheap book, too.

You get no links to said book because I'm lazy right now.
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if you are looking for healthy food books, I'd stay away from thei diet books. the okinawan diet program is a good book, as are the various books about super foods. we like to think that healthy eating is all about cutting things out, but it is just as important to eat specific things that give the right nutrients.
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+1 on Willett´s book, that focuses on lifetime habits rather than dieting per se.

Of course, if you´re looking for overnight miracle snake oil, there are lots of other options (even if they won´t work after 6 months). Willet´s is the only book my dad (who´s a MD) would recommend.
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Eat to Live by Joel Fuhrman
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+1 on muscle chow, pretty good book. This is a great site too: Lots of good low carb recipes. Even if you aren't doing keto or whatever, low carb, high protein recipes are always welcome because it's often very hard to get the protein/carb ratio right in your daily macros. edit: I intend to try out the cauliflower bisque off that site this week, looks delicious!
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"Eat food. Not too much. Mostly plants."
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Maybe try some books by Montignac? He focuses on giving up sugar and certain form of fats, it's great prevention against diebetes.
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I'll save you 200 pages and $24.95.

Eat Unprocessed.
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Originally Posted by StephenHero View Post
I'll save you 200 pages and $24.95.
Eat Unprocessed.

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Originally Posted by milosz View Post
"Eat food. Not too much. Mostly plants."

Willett´s science-based approach is pretty close to the Pollan quote you use. Plenty of the right (unsaturated) fats, nuts (plants), and real food (the stuff your great grandma ate - no trans fats or refined carbs with their high glycemic index).
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I think I'll pick up his book. I've been lurking (mostly) at the Crossfit forum for a few weeks, and they're all gung ho about the Paleo Diet (and the Zone of course).

Fundamentally, I agree with the concept of eating 'real food,' but as far as I can tell the Paleo stuff has some far out views regarding salt/legumes/grains/'nightshades'/dairy (as in never, ever eat any of the above) and has remarkably little evidence behind some proclamations.
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