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Pants and suspenders P.s. by pants I mean in the "normal" English sense - underwear for you people P.s. I think shoecream may work a bit but it depends on what type of leather your boots have.
Just to give you an idea, you could also use wax and shoecream to make them look more interesting. I got this pair a while ago, mostly because I could get them for 60 or so with a 50% off coupon at DM 's site. Anyway, I was ok with them but did not really wear them much. Then I started seeing all those antiquing threads...Kiwi cordovan, Grenson dark brown and som crappy black wax later, they look a lot better IMHO. Plus I covered the yellow stitching which I did not like with a black permanent marker. Experiment! P.s. they look a lot tidier IRL - it is difficult getting the colour right on the camera.