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Old Navy Blue Doc Martens

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I have a pair of blue Doc Martens shoes (not boots) from the original grunge era of the early nineties. My Dad bought them for me when I was ten, and believe it or not, they still fit with toe wiggle room to boot, though there are a few cracks on the sides owing to lack of maintenance. I love them but can't figure out what to wear them with. Suggestions?
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Definitely wear them with the basics. Jeans, tshirts. Pretty much on point and not much more to say on that one.
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Okay. I guess they don't look bizarre then, especially with jeans. I asked some friends and their opinion was this kind of shoe looks terribly ridiculous nowadays.

Would they work with chinos?

Time to have fun with the shoe repair service and ask for blue polish...
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take pictures of them please!
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Wear what you like.
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Pants and suspenders

P.s. by pants I mean in the "normal" English sense - underwear for you people

P.s. I think shoecream may work a bit but it depends on what type of leather your boots have.
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Docs are coming back.
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Really? And here I thought everyone was jumping on Carson Kressley's bandwagon against pleated pants and Docs.
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Looking at the thread title, I thought you were talking about Doc Martens that were sold at Old Navy

but let's just say that you need to be seriously sussed to pull off the blue Docs. Usually they look good with an old GBH or Adicts tshirt, really drainpiped jeans rolled about 2" above your ankle and a myriad of studded/bullet belts. And your hair has to match the color of the Docs.

If you have to ask if they work with Chinos, I'd say they are best left in the deep recesses of your closet.
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Heh. A friend said that over ten years ago, in the 90's grunge wave, short-sleeved shirt and chinos with docs as usual.
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well Jose, I think we have found the shoes you should have done your bleaching experiments on
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