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Of course, the highest wing collar will be the most elegant even though there are possible limitations due to the wearer's neck. However, the wings on those collars don't look particularly stiff. Also they used to have what was called an English wedding tie but that would have been for daytime weddings. An evening wedding would require white-tie, speaking formally.
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Thanks for chiming in Label King, just as J predicted!

From my sternal notch to to adam's apple is 2.5", from notch to jaw line is 3.5". On the short side of average to say the least.

As with most bastardizations of tradition and American weddings, we chose to go with black-tie for our evening wedding. Yes, I would have preferred a white-tie affair, but our social circle would not permit.

So, as J suggested, would it be inappropriate for just the groom to be in white-tie?

Here are some other collars I've found:

High Wing: Front 3.5" Back 2"

Tux Collar: 1.5" all around
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Originally Posted by Doc Martin
You really have me thinking:
Go for it! I am considering buying a white tie myslef for a wedding (not mine) where the groom is going to wear one. If you are a bit on the short side, you will also probably not have my problem, i.e. wondering whether the waistcoat will show under the jacket (as is the case in the picture). That means I will probably have to get MTM.
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As the groom, I think you are entitled to white tie even if everyone else is black-tie. I would not be the only white-tie _guest_ at a wedding where everyone else is black tie (you might upstage the wedding party), but you are one of the guests of honor, and you are entitled to live it up.

Call me chicken, but i prefer the lower wing collars. The really high ones just seem a bit OTT to me, esp. as your neck is not very long.
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No doubt, the tallest collar you can take. The pictured gent would look even better if his waistcoat didn't peek through below and the wing collar actually looked like one.
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Thanks all again for the suggestions...

Now another question: How should I order the shirt and collar by size?

I have a 16" neck on normal dress shirts which fits quite comfortably. I have heard that it is usual to order the shirt with your normal collar size, and the collars 1/2" larger. Another source/wearer of stiff collared shirts says that he wears his shirts 1/2" smaller than his neck size, and the collars are his exact neck size?
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The former.
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Originally Posted by whoopee
The former.

No offense intended whoopee, but is this based off of experience- or reading?
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Thank you soooo much! So, how do they feel? Will I be able to waltz? Will my neck be chaffed for the consumation?
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It feels odd at first, but just stop thinking about it. You should probably also wear a stiff collar a couple times before the big day so you can get used to it. Of course, they are not very conducive to certain activities.

Also, the reason I size up is that I wear stiff collars higher and necks widen towards the head. I believe this is common practice - what was recommended to me, at least, by an elderly shirtmaker who should know. And he was right.
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Whoopee, as my neck is 3.5" in front from sternal notch to jawline, which of the collars that I've posted would you recommend? And where do you source your collars? (You can PM me if necessary)
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Probably the medium wing, but I might also try the high wing in your second post.

My collars come from Luke Eyres. The Grafton Collar might work well for you, too. Note that there is a minimum order of six.
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Those are very nice collars, I've seen those as well.

So, as this seems to be a dialogue- what are your opinions on what I have planned?

Tails or DJ? Definitely wing-tip? MOP or onyx? Is the shirt I posted appropriate/look good?

Thanks for all of the advice, I really appreciate it.
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Definitely a wing collar. For this, single link cuffs is a good idea. Tails/white tie would be a very nice look, but the dinner you have planned sounds excellent, too. Onyx, MOP, silver, etc. is really up to you.
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