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should i buy them or no?

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which of these three would you buy? also, please don't say "none of them." it doesn't help.



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Probably number one, but I really want to say none of them. The fits of all three are different, too. Best to nail down what exactly you like, and then go shopping.
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I'd also go for 1 if you pushed me to it, but why are you so set on Deisel?
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None of them.

just kidding. I thought the ZAF cut was more bootcut or flared leg at the bottom? The site describes it as straight leg. I guess it depends how you like your jeans to fit. I would say the third one. But who cares what I think? My jeans are usually off at the grocery store anyways (see my post in Social Life, Food, and Drink board).
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Zafs, if they are straigt leg. If not, the Rolan. My workplace has a good supply of Diesel, and I have never seen Zaf in a straight leg.
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#2, only because it's the least like all the other jeans I have and the wash actually looks pretty real. The dude needs them a bit shorter and needs to throw away those shoes though.
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Number 2, the Rabox. I know that everyone and his cousin has a pair but IMO they're the best-looking one of the three. The wash and the whiskering at least look authentic compared to the really ridiculous whiskering of numer 1.
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OUt of the three, i like wash #2 the best.
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I don't like 1 because I hate stretch jeans. I can't wear 2 or 3, they don't fit me very well, but I like the wash on 3 best. Do you like a bootcut or straight leg?
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I have #2. I like them a lot with nice fading. The others seemed kinda plain but it depends on what you want in a pair of jeans.
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