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Originally Posted by LabelKing
Who's kinky now?
Getting Labelkinky on me?
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I think the metal buttons set it apart stylistically, and make it less drab than a blue odd jacket would be.
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Originally Posted by RJMan
Getting Labelkinky on me?
Are you of the tender variety?

The egg motifs were quite of the tender variety.
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I agree with Get Smart back on Page 1. The shiny metal buttoned blazer, worn unironically on somebody born in the second half of the last century, screams "English public school twat who will never grow up" or "brown-nosing striver" to me, depending on the accent of the wearer.

However, I have no problem with it worn ironically, such as an almost too tight, too short blazer worn over jeans or even something like olive drab canvas cargo pants as an everyday look. But not with shiny metal buttons. Those always suck. My favorite blazer buttons are either dulled silver or the ridged dulled golden buttons Oxxford often uses.

All those comments are for SB blazers. I can't imagine wearing any DB jacket without matching pants.
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I used to hate blazers, and I used to despise shiny buttons on blazers. Then I found the perfect blazer and realized the error of my ways. It has shiny gold buttons, too.

For the shiny buttons to work, I think, the coat needs a fairly stiff cut. Mine has shoulders that are a good bit more padded than most of my suits, and a nicely suppressed waist. Together they give the coat a military bearing, and suddenly the shiny buttons make visual sense.
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Originally Posted by rip View Post
That's only one of a half-dozen or so different stories of the name. Another, and seemingly the earliest known use of the term, applies to the red jackets worn by the Lady Margaret Boat Club at Cambridge, which were said to be "ablaze" with color. Also, club and school jackets were often "emblazoned" with the organization's patch.

We're probably all familiar with the most common etymology of the term: Blue jackets with gilt buttons worn by the midshipmen of the royal naval vessel, the HMS Blazer, designed specifically for a visit from Queen Victoria. Upon her approval, the jacket became the standard, which is the only one of the stories actually pointing to a blazer being blue in color and requiring metal buttons.
(credit where credit's due: all the above information is from Wikipedia)


A good photo showing many LMBC red rowing blazers. 1st VIII blazers are trimmed with red gros-grain.
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Jeeeesus i just saw the date on this thread
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I don't think they should be worn by young men outside contexts that make sense - or at least they should not be worn unironically. They are treated like too much of a staple when in fact they have connotations that don't make sense on most people.
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My navy blazer is my favorite jacket. When I travel, it is the only odd jacket I take, and it works with just about any shirt, any tie, and any pair of pants / trousers I may bring. In that sense, the blazer is a very dynamic piece, ready for improvisation and adaptation. I can wear khakis, a boldly patterned shirt, tie, and blazer for a meeting, then drop off the tie and blazer at my hotel room and go to a casual dinner.

I think the hatred of the brass buttons stems from a general dislike of gold color amongst younger people. An ex-gf explained that yellow gold is for old people. She seemed pretty connected to young (less than 35 years old) pop culture, so I'll assume her opinion is probably pretty mainstream in that area. I have no idea why this dislike exists.

In regards to the posters that associate the blazers with their school uniforms, I don't have that association because it was not part of my uniform, but I did have to wear a uniform. My school uniform was wearing khakis and polo shirts. I still wear both despite my unhappiness with the private school I attended as a child.
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I wore a blue linen jacket today. Nice but it's a Zegna soft, sshh
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People rarely post photos wearing blue blazers. Let's see some . . .
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Originally Posted by RJman View Post
I had the buttons on my blue blazers replaced with smoke mother of pearl buttons.

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I feel guilty because I have only 3 till now and none of them has patch pockets.
However, the idea that people here supposedly hate blazers, seems a little.... to me.
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Is it only me that doesn't quite understand the fascination with wearing stuff 'ironically'?
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I confess I really don't like the standard navy blazer with gold/brass buttons.

However, I really like my 3-button single-breasted navy blazer with pewter (silver-colored) buttons. The buttons also have a flat face which keeps it discreet-looking.
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